Sally Carman dashes fans hope of long-term romance for Kevin and Abi

She and Kevin will grow closer, but it won't last

Fans of Coronation Street have been hoping that Kevin and Abi will get together and stay together in a long-term romance.

However, Sally Carman, who plays Abi, has dashed fans hopes of a long-term relationship for Kevin and Abi, despite the close bond that they are set to form after Kevin helps Abi out of a tight spot with Ray Crosby next week.

I’m not sure they can have a happily ever after.

After setting fire to Ray’s car, Abi is set to face worrying threats from Ray next week.

Kevin helps Abi out of a tight spot (Credit ITV)

After Abi saw an article that Bethany Platt has posted online about Ray’s mistreatment of women and sleazy antics, she was fuming. However, she pretends not to care and spends the evening with Ray, before torching his car in an arson attack.

However, when Ray realises that Abi was the culprit, he calls the police and she begins to regret her actions.

In desperate need of an alibi, she turns to best friend Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) for help. However, Sally isn’t comfortable giving her an alibi, and as a result, Kevin choose to step in.

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Sally says that her character cannot believe that Kevin would do something so kind for her, and that “she’s really fond of Kevin.”

Sally is against Abi and Kevin being together (Credit ITV)

Kevin is taken in for questioning by the police regarding the alibi he gave for Abi. When he returns to the garage he remains upbeat, and Abi is truly touched.

After Kevin steps up to help Abi, the two form a close bond, and things soon heat up between them.

However, Sally warns Abi to stop leading Kevin on, but Abi assures Sally that how she feels about Kevin is genuine, and Kevin is chuffed.

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When Abi and Kevin spend the night together, Abi is concerned about confusing Kevin’s son Jack, and plans on slipping out of No.13. However, she’s pleased when Kevin tells her that Jack thinks she is great.

However, Sally urges Abi to be cautious and not jump into a relationship with Kevin too quickly.

Later on, Ray spots Abi and Kevin together in the Rovers Return and is delighted to announce that some new evidence has come to light.

Kevin and Abi might not be for keeps (Credit: ITV)
Kevin and Abi might not be for keeps (Credit: ITV)

When Sally was asked whether Abi and Kevin could be together long-term, she said: “No I don’t think so and that’s why it’s a brilliant storyline because they are so different so there are excellent opportunities to create drama from that but I’m not sure they can have a happily ever after.”

She continued: “She’s picking someone who’s good to her, she’s trying to better herself and she’s really trying to create a settled life.

“Kevin ticks that box but she’s also passionate and a bit wild and I don’t think that will disappear just because she starts to get her life together.

“She’s fiery and Kevin isn’t, he’s much more middle of the road, happy with his lot in life. Abi’s got spark and I’m not sure Kevin will be able to handle that fire.”

Do you think that Abi and Kevin could go the distance?

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