Pierce strokes Rhona's face

Emmerdale fans horrified as Pierce strokes Rhona’s hair while she sleeps

And she didn't wake up!

Pierce Harris continued to stalk his ex-wife Rhona Goskirk last night, and his latest actions left Emmerdale fans feeling totally creeped out.

On Wednesday (February 5), Pierce sneaked into Rhona’s house again and found the woman he ‘loves’ fast asleep on the couch after a few glasses of wine.

Pierce strokes Rhona's face
Rhona slept soundly, little knowing her rapist was in the room (Credit: ITV)

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In scenes that soap fans found horrifying and strange in equal measure, Pierce tucked the blanket over her and stroked her hair while whispering in her ear.

Pierce watching over Rhona sleeping is so creepy.

He said: “I love you. I promise I’m going to take you away from all of this, very soon.”

Many found his actions horribly sinister, but others thought the scene was unbelievable, claiming Rhona would surely have woken up.

Pierce strokes Rhona's face
Pierce stroked Rhona’s face while she slept (Credit: ITV)

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One tweeted: “How much wine did she drink not to know or feel someone talk or stroke her hair? Beyond a joke… Might be time to switch off #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “How the hell did Rhona not wake up when Pierce was next to her and talking? The creepiness of these scenes… This build-up is brilliant!”

A third added: “Well she fell asleep quickly. As if she didn’t hear what he said or his physical contact?! More than a little far-fetched #Emmerdale.”


“Even though Rhona was asleep, she could have still heard Pierce, she could have felt his hand on her?” queried another, while one more said: “I absolutely love Emmerdale, but cannot believe Rhona wouldn’t have woken up to psycho Pierce talking and stroking her hair.”

Others were just unnerved by the whole scene, with one typing: “Good god does he give me the heebie-jeebies. This is beyond creepy. Chills all over. How does she not notice?”

Another said: “Pierce watching over Rhona sleeping is so creepy #Emmerdale.”

A third added: “Pierce creeping in on Rhona sleeping is a whole new level of stalkerish. He’s so creepy.”

Pierce strokes Rhona's face
It would be sweet, if he wasn’t a murdering, rapist (Credit: ITV)

Viewers know that Rhona’s ex-husband Pierce was recently released from jail, after being found guilty of raping her on their wedding night.

He then returned to the village and murdered Rhona’s new partner Graham, before setting up Marlon for the crime.

Rhona is totally unaware of Pierce’s return and has no idea he is stalking her and routinely letting himself into her house and hiding behind her curtains…

Meanwhile, poor Marlon languishes in jail for a murder he didn’t commit!

Will Rhona and Pierce come face to face soon?

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