Pierce Harris Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans can’t believe Pierce has not been spotted around the village

Does he have an invisibility cloak?

Pierce Harris has been creeping around Emmerdale for weeks now without one person spotting him – something viewers think is totally “unbelievable”.

Rhona’s ex-husband made a shocking return to the village last month to kill Rhona’s new partner Graham Foster.

Viewers were stunned when Pierce was revealed as Graham’s killer (Credit: ITV)

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Police wrongly arrested and charged Marlon Dingle for the murder, leaving killer and rapist Pierce free to wander around the village being creepy.

On Tuesday night (February 4), Pierce upped his stalking campaign against Rhona when he entered her house.

He’s lurking around the village in broad daylight and not one person has seen him?

When she entered the room unexpectedly, he jumped behind a pair of curtains in a bid to hide from her.

pierce curtains
Pierce hid behind a pair of curtains whilst illegally in Rhona’s home (Credit: ITV)

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We already know that unhinged Pierce believes he killed Graham to “protect Rhona from him”, and that he thinks they’ll be reunited. Eek.

But those watching from home have serious questions about the storyline, and have ridiculed the fact that the killer has been hiding in bushes in the village undetected.

Writing on Twitter, one said: “I’ll be blatant, this is a load of [bleep] and it gets worse every episode. The man is creeping about the village unseen, going in and out of Rhona’s house at ease, even leaving the door wide open and nobody sees him. All they need to write into the script now is his invisible cloak.”


Another said: “I’m sorry but this is beyond ridiculous now! In any normal situation she would have turned around and seen him or even heard him breathing!”

A third added: “He’s lurking around the village in broad daylight and not one person has seen him?”

“It’s ridiculous. Three people in the house as well and they haven’t heard anything like three yards away in next room,” slammed another, while one more said: “He’s not even wearing camouflage and in a village where everyone knows who just sneezed… Pierce is more SAS than Graham was.”

One more wrote: “And, in this tiny village, where everyone knows everyone else’s business… Where people are constantly in and out of the pub, shop, cafe, etc… NO ONE has noticed this nutter hanging around, acting SO suspiciously… Per-Lease!”

Pierce Harris Emmerdale
Pierce sent Rhona some flowers with a creepy card – which Rhona FAILED to read! (Credit: ITV)

Many others can’t understand why Pierce hasn’t been questioned for Graham’s murder, having recently been released from prison for raping her on their wedding night.

Dozens more have begged Rhona to find the card which came with the flowers she received last week. A card signed by Pierce, with the message: “Our destiny is near.”

Fans were incredulous when Rhona received the bouquet, but FAILED to read who the card was from.

One wrote: “What person wouldn’t have looked at the card that came with the flowers by now?”


Another said: “Like that’s literally the first thing someone would do if they got a random bunch of flowers delivered.”

A third added: “Exactly! It’s beyond daft. Every time I see that card lying about, it gives me the rage.”

“Just look at the damn card already,” fumed another.

Of course, Rhona’s son Leo has now stuck the incriminating card from Pierce on a collage meant for his dad Marlon.

Will Marlon be the person to notice the sinister note when Leo presents him with the piece of art?

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