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Friday 3rd April 2020

EastEnders fans spot clue that Phil Mitchell SURVIVES boat disaster

Safe from harm?

One Walford resident will not survive EastEnders' 35th anniversary episodes, which climax tonight with a dramatic duff, duff moment.

On Friday (February 21), the boat party on the Thames will end in chaos, panic and, ultimately, the death of one Albert Square favourite.

Will Ben, Phil or Keanu die in the boat disaster? (Credit: BBC)

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But eagle-eyed viewers think they've spotted a telltale sign that Phil Mitchell will survive the boat disaster.

Here's to the next 30? That means he doesn't die then.

Like a cat with nine lives, fans think Phil will survive yet another deadly threat on his life.

Just last year, the Walford hardman was left for dead after being hit over the head with a spanner by Stacey Fowler.

Ben pointed a gun at Phil's head in a bid to protect Callum (Credit: BBC)

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Let's not forget that soap veteran Phil has, in the words of one fan, "survived multiple car crashes, shootings, the Queen Vic fire, a kidnapping, drink driving, liver damage, a gas explosion, a brick and a goddamn HEART ATTACK..."

Now, Phil fans are convinced he'll walk away from this tragedy unharmed, too - despite a bloody battle with enemy Keanu Taylor during Thursday's episode (February 20).

Why are the viewers so convinced? It's thanks to a message from the BBC soap to actor Steve McFadden on the anniversary of him starting the soap.

The official Twitter feed for the BBC soap posted a message to the actor saying: "It's a week of important anniversaries at EastEnders…

"Thirty years ago today, Phil Mitchell arrived on The Square. He's given Walford everything he's got. Blood, sweat and tears (literally).

"Here's to the next 30. Congratulations Steve, from us all at EastEnders!"

Hopeful fans believe the soap has given them a clue that the character doesn't die any time soon.

Will Phil live? (Credit: BBC)

One responded by saying: "Here's to the next 30? That means he doesn't die then."

Another typed: "That means he's not leaving?"

A third added: "Does that mean he survives the boat accident then? [...] They said here's to the next 30, obviously meaning he survives."

"Doesn't this give the game away that he doesn't die tomorrow?" questioned one, while another said: "Well that's a clear sign that Phil doesn't die then, isn't it!?"

Phil with his screen mum and bro (Credit: BBC)

However, some suspicious fans wondered if the BBC soap was "throwing viewers off the scent" with a "red herring".

Many more sent messages of congratulations to the actor, 60, calling his character a "certified legend" and describing him as "one of the best actors on TV".

One even claimed Phil was "the greatest soap character of all time". Praise indeed!

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