Phillip and Holly on This Morning

Phil and Holly hint at huge Emmerdale exit on This Morning?

Is Nicola King leaving the village?

Could there be a huge Emmerdale exit coming up for the 50th anniversary in the shape of Nicola King?

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby hinted as such on This Morning today when they interviewed a long-serving cast member.

Nicola Wheeler was on the sofa to talk about her most recent Emmerdale storyline and heavily hinted she could be leaving the soap this year.

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Emmerdale exit for Nicola Wheeler as she look sheepish on the This Morning sofa
Nicola was coy on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale exit for Nicola?

Quizzing Nicola on the aftermath of character Nicola’s shocking attack, Phillip asked: “So you’ve hinted there is an improvement and then it goes really badly?”

Nicola replied: “Yes, she’s gathered her strength back and then it gets worse and worse.”

Phil continued to prod, suggesting he knew more than Nicola was letting on…

“And for you as the actor playing the character, is this like a serious thing? Have you got plans to spend more time with your family?”

Nicola laughed and looked flustered as she said: “It’s been a very good storyline…”

Phil persisted: “But there’ll be many others you’ll be looking forward to?”

“I can’t tell you,” Nicola said.

“I can tell you something does come up in the future, just when you think this story may have been put to bed, something else comes along.

“And then obviously we’ve got our 50th year and then maybe something might happen that maybe might mean she can’t spend time in the village any more, so who knows?”

Phil and Holly look at each other nervously on the This Morning sofa
Is Phil in trouble? (Credit: ITV)

Phil in trouble?

Holly then piped up, turning to Phil saying: “Well done, you did very well there.”

Phillip admitted: “I’ll probably be in terrible trouble, Sharon Marshall will be texting me in a moment saying ‘what have you done?!'”

What has he done?!

Did he just reveal Nicola’s planned Emmerdale exit for the 50th anniversary in October?

Speaking about the character she’s played for over 20 years, Nicola told the hosts: “She’s been fun.

“The things I love about Nicola is you get away with being vile to your friends and they’re still friends at the end of the day.

“She’s one of those people who says what everyone thinks, but you can’t say that, it’s so rude.

“But I always think there’s a sense of humour that comes with her as well, she’s not truly horrible, she’s not a murderer. I like Nicola because there’s a good sense of humour around her.”

When asked if she was looking forward to getting some humour back after such a serious storyline, Nicola dropped another hint about her future.

“Maybe before the 50th – if I don’t die before then, obviously – I’ll get a bit of comedy in before that,” she replied.

Nicola screams as she answers the door in Emmerdale
Nicola is in meltdown (Credit: ITV)

What’s wrong with Nicola in Emmerdale?

Nicola was attacked by a gang of teenage girls earlier this month.

She is now afraid to go outside of her house, but also scared to be alone in it.

She is having panic attacks and will smash her car into David Metcalfe tonight (Tuesday June 28) after becoming overwhelmed and slamming on the accelerator rather than the brakes.

And now, with thoughts of an Emmerdale exit ringing in our ears, it sounds like things will get worse for her – but how much worse?

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