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Tuesday 14th July 2020

Patsy Palmer says she's glad she survived her wild past

The EastEnders actress now lives in glamorous Malibu

Patsy Palmer is set to return to EastEnders next week as iconic character Bianca Jackson.

And she's just opened up about how her wild partying days greatly contrast with her new lifestyle in Malibu, California.

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The 47-year-old mum of four told The Sun's Fabulous magazine that she's grateful to have survived her wild 20s.

She told the publication: "I'm grateful that I'm alive and I got through it. It feels so foreign now, I'm so far removed from it. All I've got is right now. Whatever has gone on in the past is finished. I can't even entertain it. Its gone.

"I've done so much work around it, I've had so much therapy and now I feel my life is more balanced than it's ever been," Patsy told the magazine.

Five years ago she relocated from London to California with her husband Richard Merkell and their three children.

I’m grateful that I’m alive and I got through it

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Her eldest child, son Charley Palmer Rothwell, is a successful working actor in his own right and mainly works out of the UK.

Patsy said that while she may have A-Listers such as Cindy Crawford and Mary J Blige as her new American neighbours, they are more friendly acquaintances than her close buddies.

Patsy as Bianca Jackson and Des Coleman as Lenny Wallace back in 1998 (Credit: BBC)

"It's such a small industry, so you do meet people who say, 'Oh, do you know so and so?' And it's just like that. I don't have any real friends who are A-list and who I'm sitting having dinner with," she said.

Patsy will be returning to Albert Square next week for Bianca's adoptive daughter's wedding.

This will be her third stint on the BBC One soap, having first left in 1999, returned in 2008 and then quit again in 2014.

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