If there’s one single thing that puts the ‘Great’ in ‘Great Britain’, it is indisputably our excellent soap operas.

“Indisputably”, we said – so don’t even try to dispute it.

And with Coronation Street, EastEnders and Emmerdale all as prime pieces of evidence, who could dispute it? And there’s Hollyoaks, too – we’ll always have a soft spot for Hollyoaks.

Further proof of our ranking as the world’s finest soap producers and connoisseurs comes with our excellent taste in soaps that aren’t native to the UK.

Neighbours? One of the best soaps ever – launching Kylie to stardom alone guarantees it a place in TV heaven.

Home and Away? Don’t be such a flaming galah and try to claim everybody doesn’t love watching a huge foster family thrive near a beach.

Our dedicated soap coverage at Entertainment Daily! – from spoilers to first look picture previews and the latest fan reactions on social media – will get you in a right lather.

And because you really know your stuff when it comes to soaps, we really, really have to know our soapy stuff.

Thanks to our soap journalists being some of the most devoted fans around, we do.

[Cue dramatic EastEnders end credit ‘duff duffs’]

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