Emmerdale Natalie Anderson joins Hollyoaks

OPINION: Natalie Anderson shouldn’t be joining Hollyoaks – she needs to go back to Emmerdale

It's been announced the former Alicia Metcalfe actress will be joining Hollyoaks

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Former Emmerdale star Natalie Anderson is joining Hollyoaks, but I’d far rather see her return to the Dales.

The Alicia Metcalfe actress joins the cast of the Chester-set soap next week as Lexi.

Lexi is connected to Grace Black’s new flatmate – and lover – Nate. Grace overhears Nate and Lexi on the phone and when he acts secretive about it, she suspects he and Lexi are seeing each other

But the truth is about to come out and it’s connected to the Deveraux family.

What did Natalie Anderson say about joining Hollyoaks?

Emmerdale star Natalie Anderson joins Hollyoaks as Lexi
Natalie Anderson has joined Hollyoaks as mysterious Lexi (Credit: Channel 4/Lime Pictures)

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Natalie is excited to be joining the cast of Hollyoaks, saying: “I’m so thrilled to be playing Lexi. She’s such a strong and intriguing character with lots of layers, that I’m thoroughly enjoying playing with.

“I’ve loved working with Chris Charles and exploring the dynamic between Lexi and Nate’s relationship as the storyline unfolds…

“I’m having so much fun, and everyone at Hollyoaks has been so lovely and welcoming.”

Natalie Anderson should return to Emmerdale

Emmerdale David and Alicia in the woolpack
Natalie played Alicia Metcalfe for five years (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

A new character joining a soap is always an exciting prospect; it breathes fresh life into shows and moves storylines in new directions.

However, there is so much unfinished business for Natalie’s Emmerdale character, Alicia, I think if she fancied a return to Soapland, she’d be far better going back there.

Alicia left the village in 2015 after struggling to cope with her assault at the hands of Lachlan White. She moved to Portugal to run a bar and start afresh.

Alicia’s family, son Jacob, sister Leyla, and former husband David, all remained in the village.

It’s fair to say that since her departure none of them have had the easiest ride.

It was almost unfathomable that Alicia didn’t return when it was revealed Jacob had been groomed by Maya Stepney. Nor when his on/off girlfriend Leanna Cavanagh died.

What mother wouldn’t rush to be by her son’s side when such awful things are going on in his life? I’d be there in a heartbeat whether he wanted me to or not.

Why shoud Alicia return now?

Emmerdale Alicia tries to talk to Jacob
Alicia’s son Jacob could have done with some motherly support (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

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Meanwhile, sister Leyla’s having a tough time supporting her husband Liam after Leanna’s death, and she’s also suffered a devastating miscarriage.

What could she do with right about now? Some tea and sympathy from her sister, obviously.

Perhaps too much has happened for Alicia to return. Maybe she feels so ashamed that she hasn’t come back to support her family sooner that she feels she just can’t show her face now.

But it’s not too late to redeem herself, she could come back and make it right.

With David making terrible decision after terrible decision regarding his love life, Jacob needs a stable parental figure in his life.

And with murderous Meena on the rampage around the village determined to keep David all to herself, Alicia could return to save him from her – and himself.

I’m sure Natalie will be brilliant in Hollyoaks, but I think Emmerdale is crying out for her return.

Maybe once she’s done on ‘Oaks she could hop back over to the Dales and sort her family out.

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