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OPINION: Emmerdale must kill off Aaron Dingle

It's time for Aaron Dingle to say goodbye to Emmerdale - for good

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Emmerdale fans were left shocked last week when Danny Miller announced he was quitting the soap.

The Aaron Dingle actor will bow out after 13 years playing the scrap yard owner.

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We have to face it – it’s time for Aaron Dingle to die in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celeb star Danny also dropped the bombshell that he has already filmed his final scenes, meaning Aaron’s exit is on its way.

But after more than a decade of weeping and wailing there’s really only one way out for the most miserable Dingle.

It’s time for Aaron to be killed off. Hear us out.

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When he first arrived he was exciting, angry, furious and full of potential.

But after an exciting few years – he was written into a corner.

Everything has become traumatic – it’s a wonder he can get to the shop for a pint of milk without a full blown breakdown.

His first love Jackson opted to die, his second chose a life in prison, and his third just got beaten to death.

There’s been childhood abuse reveals, mental health battles, an alcoholic sister and enough tears to flood Yorkshire.

The character is spent. There is nothing left for Emmerdale to mine for new stories.

A break isn’t going to be enough to recharge him – he’s been through too much.

And now with his boyfriend Ben Tucker being murdered, Aaron is set for another round of misery bingo.

It’s time for Emmerdale to kill off Aaron Dingle

Like a beloved family pet who’s just too ill to go on – the writers need to know it’s time to put Aaron out of his misery.

It’s time to put him out of our misery.

And there’s another reason Aaron should be killed off.

For too long soaps have been treated like safe jobs for actors who get a bit bored.

danny miller i'm a celebrity
Danny Miller is currently in I’m A Celebrity after quitting Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

They build up huge amounts of fame from starring in a show watched by millions each weeknight and then decide to cash in.

Some go on to other acting work – spreading their wings and honing their craft.

But others go a different way.

They shun their profession and decide instead to sell teeth whitening kits on social media and star in whatever reality show will write the biggest cheque.

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And when the interest and money dries up – they come crawling back to the soap.

It’s time that soaps started hitting back – and they should start by killing off Aaron.

No character is bigger than the show – something many should keep in mind.

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