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OPINION: Emmerdale: ‘God help Gabby’s baby – with a mother like her and a grandmother like Kim, he stands no chance’

Gabby isn't making the best choices

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In tonight episodes of Emmerdale (Thursday, September 23) Gabby Thomas gave Jamie Tate a now-or-never ultimatum and wanted them to elope.

Gabby is pregnant with Jamie Tate’s son after they had a one night stand earlier this year.

She planned for them marry for financial reasons and so they could take over Home Farm.

However it became clear that she was hoping that Jamie would fall for her.

Gabby wants Jamie to marry her (Credit: ITV)

But why is Gabby so desperate to be with Jamie? This is what Entertainment Daily writer Charlotte Rodrigues thinks.

Emmerdale: ‘Gabby needs to focus on her baby – not marrying a man who doesn’t love her’

Gabby is only 19 years old, still a teenager and it’s very clear she is not mature enough to have a child.

This isn’t me saying this because of her age, as there are many teen parents who do an excellent job, however it’s very clear she’s not in this for the right reasons.

This week, Gabby was determined for her and Jamie to marry for financial gain. However it’s clear she was hoping he would fall for her and that they could be a happy family.

It’s clear Jamie doesn’t even like Gabby (Credit: ITV)

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The fact she thinks that that’s how love works goes to show she does have a lot of issues. It’s not necessarily her fault though.

As fans know Gabby’s mum Bernice was in and out of her life, and her father Ashley was on and off with her stepmother Laurel for years.

While I’m not psychologist, it’s not hard to imagine why Gabby has a bit of a warped idea of what love really is.

She needs to be focused more on her child than Jamie, otherwise the poor kid doesn’t stand a chance.

Emmerdale: ‘God help Gabby’s baby – with a mother like her and a grandmother like Kim, he stands no chance’

I just can’t understand why she would want to be with Jamie when he’s been so awful to her. Her desperation to be with him is very sad.

Let us remember that he actually didn’t want their baby in the first place and when she decided to keep it, he tried to keep out of their lives.

Kim will be the baby’s grandmother (Credit: ITV)

However it’s not like the baby is going to have a supportive family.

It’s very clear that Kim is only interested in the grandchild just to have as part of the Tate legacy or whatever it is she wants and Bernice doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going.

I think the only family member that would actually care about the baby’s welfare is Diane – and she’s going to be leaving!

Emmerdale: ‘This storyline is very important’

While I don’t agree with the decisions Gabby is making, I actually think this is a good part of the storyline to show.

A lot of women do believe having a child with someone can bring them together. But this storyline shows that it doesn’t happen that was and is a good life lesson to show to young women.

Rosie plays Gabby (Credit: Terry Scott/Flynet – SplashNews.com)

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I would also like to say well done to Rosie Bentham. She’s a phenomenal actress and since taking over the role of Gabby she’s had some really tough storylines.

It’s been good to see her move onto a more mature storyline with the Tate family and I’m looking forward to how the rest of this plot plays out.

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