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OPINION: Coronation Street: ‘Toyah is overreacting with Imran – she needs to grow up’

Toyah took things too far

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Coronation Street character Toyah recently discovered that Imran cheated on her, and she’s taken it VERY badly but is she overreacting?

Imran recently came clean to Toyah that he cheated on her the night of Kelly and Corey’s verdict.

He told her he had a one-night stand with a random woman, however viewers know he slept with Abi Franklin.

He also told Toyah that his ex-wife, Sabeen, knew about his infidelity and was blackmailing him to help with Harvey Gaskell’s appeal.

Sabeen was blackmailing Imran (Credit: ITV)

In tonight’s Coronation Street (Friday, October 15) Toyah found out Imran borrowed Simon’s phone to get information about Sharon Bentley, Harvey’s aunt.

However Simon had no idea he was using it to get information to help Harvey’s appeal.

Toyah was horrified and took Imran’s phone. She forwarded Sabeen’s private texts to her boss, which led to Sabeen getting into trouble.

Imran cheated on Toyah with Abi. But Toyah doesn’t know it was Abi he slept with (Credit: ITV)

Eventually Toyah ended things with Imran. She told him when their foster daughter Elsie moves on, she wants him to go too.

But has Toyah taken things too far? This is what Entertainment Daily soap writer Charlotte Rodrigues thinks.

Coronation Street: ‘Toyah needs to grow up’

I do feel bad for Toyah, of course it’s completely understandable that she’s upset that Imran cheated on her, however messing with people’s jobs and livelihood is taking things too far.

First of all, I would like to point out that originally Toyah decided to give Imran another chance.

She shouldn’t have said she wanted to give things another go if she wasn’t willing to try and put what happened  behind them.

Toyah was devastated when she found out Imran cheated (Credit: ITV)

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So in some ways I am glad she ended their relationship in tonight’s episode, because I really couldn’t be dealing with her constantly having a go.

My second point is although I don’t like the character Sabeen and have found her extremely irritating throughout this plot, Toyah had no right to go meddling in her job.

Again I understand she was upset about the blackmail and Sabeen’s involvement in Harvey’s case, but she’s just proved herself to be childish and immature.

You need to grow up Toyah.

‘Imran’s no saint’

I would also like to add this isn’t me defending Imran’s actions. Cheating is wrong and he’s been a complete idiot.

However he has been working ridiculously hard to try and prove Kelly’s innocence and it’s understandable he reached a breaking point.

Cheating wasn’t the right thing to do, but if Toyah said she wanted to try again, she needed to at least try and forgive him.

‘Georgia Taylor and Charlie De Melo are great together’

While I am actually glad Toyah and Imran are splitting up, I hope it’s temporary and that they do maybe find their way back to each other eventually.

I think once the dust has settled, maybe they can try again.

Toyah and Imran
It would be nice to see them reunite eventually (Credit: ITV)

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Both Georgia Taylor and Charlie De Melo are incredible actors and they work so well together.

Imran and Toyah are definitely a couple I could see being together for the long run. But Toyah has some growing up to do and Imran needs to get himself sorted out too.

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