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Coronation Street fans complain to Ofcom over Geoff and Yasmeen abuse plot

It's very upsetting

Viewers of Coronation Street have felt the need to complain to Ofcom over the soap’s current coercive control storyline.

Fans of the Weatherfield serial drama have watched in horror as Geoff Metcalfe has emotionally abused his wife Yasmeen behind closed doors – while the rest of the Street’s residents remain oblivious to his vile ways.

Coronation Street fans sickened as Geoff tries to force Yasmeen to eat a crab shell
Coronation Street fans were sickened when Geoff tried to force Yasmeen to eat a crab shell (Credit: ITV)

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When the character first appeared in 2018, we were led to believe he was one of life’s nice guys.

Wonder if Ofcom will step in about this? It’s been taken way too far now.

He even worked as a hospital radio DJ, bringing comfort to those recuperating from operations or illness.

With a twinkle in his eye and a charm that intrigued hospital patient Audrey, Geoff made a good first impression and some fans even thought there might be romance in the air.

Audrey had a lucky escape (Credit: ITV)

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But we now know that Audrey had a lucky escape, when Tim’s dad Geoff moved onto the Street and turned his attentions to Yasmeen Nazir.

Since Geoff and Yasmeen became a couple, he has slowly – imperceptibly at first – eroded Yasmeen’s confidence and left her a broken woman.

Ever since the ITV soap confirmed a coercive control storyline for the pair, Geoff’s behaviour has become more and more disgusting.

Geoff seemed so innocent at first (Credit: ITV)

Just recently, he has tried to stop his wife from leaving the house, forced her to stay indoors cleaning, convinced her she’s an alcoholic and tried to estrange her from her friends.

Classic gaslighting behaviour.

This week, viewers were distressed to see Geoff lock Yasmeen in a box after blaming her when a magic trick went wrong.

As his behaviour gets increasingly worse, those watching from home have been turning over in frustration, while others have claimed the scenes are too menacing for its pre-watershed time slot.

Geoff locked Yasmeen in a box and went to the pub! (Credit: ITV)

Now, we can report, that fans have been complaining to regulatory body Ofcom about the scenes.

One upset soap fan tagged Ofcom when they tweeted: “Between Emmerdale and Coronation Street with their horrid ‘entertainment’, we will all be having nightmares tonight! What happen to the days of light entertainment? @Ofcom.”

Another said: “Wonder if Ofcom will step in about this? It’s been taken way too far now @itvcorrie.”

A third declared: “I’m writing a letter to Ofcom.”

“I’m writing a letter to Ofcom,” said another. “It’s not on. She has to deal with pure abuse. Justice for Yasmeen.”

Another revealed that the soap had received 56 complaints in the past few weeks.

We have contacted Ofcom for comment.

Reports this week suggest that Yasmeen’s granddaughter Alya Nazir will be the one to discover Geoff’s history of abuse.

A source told The Sun Online that Bistro manager Alya is going to beg her grandmother to leave her husband Geoff after discovering his abuse.

Alya will soon begin to look into Geoff’s background in an effort to convince her grandmother to leave him.

Will Alya be the one to uncover Geoff’s abusive behaviour towards Yasmeen? (Credit: ITV)

She will find out shocking information about his past actions that leave her determined to save her vulnerable grandmother.

A source said: “Alya will become determined to save her grandmother from him no matter what the cost.”

“Alya digs into his past and finds an old news report about an assault he committed on another woman and confronts her grandmother with it.

“She desperately tries to make her see sense but it looks like Geoff’s got too strong of a hold on Yasmeen by that point.”

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