Dear BBC, after canning Holby City please make our excellent replacement shows

Holby is dead but another soap needs to rise

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Holby City died so new soaps can live. (Hallelujah for the replacement possibilities.)

Waterloo Road will soon be back from the ashes after BBC bosses decided to bring it back to fill in half the slots of the departed medical drama.

But there’s a whole new 26 week-slot for the show to fill and we think we know how.

Read on for the best Holby City replacement ideas!

Perhaps Holby City star Davood could star in a sexy new northern medical drama? (Credit: BBC)
Perhaps Holby City star Davood could star in a sexy new northern medical drama? (Credit: BBC)

A new northern medical drama

If you’re absolutely set on having a medical drama, then please can it not be set in the south?

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There are some cities with incredible hospitals and a lot of junior doctors, for example, who could make the perfect new primetime soap.

Just make sure it’s high drama and they’re good looking.

Telly bosses should take heed from Vera (Credit: ITV)
Telly bosses should take heed from Vera (Credit: ITV)

A Scottish soap – or Newcastle

The UK is huge – and it’s about time our serial dramas reflected that.

There’s more to us than just London, Manchester and Cardiff with a bit of Yorkshire thrown in.

River City exists – not that you’d know it beneath the border.

It’s time for a Scottish soap to be broadcast to everyone in the UK – and Newcastle deserves a shot.

It’s more than just Geordie Shore and Vera land up there.

Brookside – or something similar

Get the shovel, chuck, we’ve got a patio to dig up.

Brookside was a brilliant soap for a while, but it got ruined when people started popping up in new fangled bars.

Take it back to basics, have a nice close with 10 or fewer houses – and milk the drama for all its worth.

US style soap

We do soap better than anyone else in the world with the likes of Coronation Street, Emmerdale and – even – EastEnders.

But what we lack is a properly camp, high-drama soap like Dynasty.

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Or Dallas. or Desperate Housewives. Or Revenge.

All these shows were at their heart soap operas – and we need to tap into that and bring out a fully-fledged primetime soap that will draw people in.

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