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Noah Dingle on Emmerdale: How is he related to the Tate family and how old is he now?

He's a typically complicated Dingle!

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Noah Dingle is a popular character on the ITV soap Emmerdale.

But like most members of the Dingle family – his backstory is complicated and storied.

So read on to find out just how he fits into the Dingle family, some of his central storylines and more…

How old is Noah Dingle now?

Noah is now 16, as he was born in March 2004.

noah dingle
Noah is one of Charity’s many children (Credit: ITV)

Who plays Noah Dingle?

Noah Dingle has been played by three different actors to date.

Initially he was played by Alfie Mortimer in 2004. But then by Sam Duffy in 2005.

Since 2009 he has been played by actor Jack Downham.

Who are Noah Dingle’s parents?

Noah’s parents are Charity Dingle and Chris Tate.

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Charity was Chris’ third wife and they married in 2001.

But Chris passed away in September 2003.

noah dingle parents
Meet Noah Dingle’s parents: Charity and Chris (Credit: ITV)

Has he ever met Chris Tate?

Noah has never met his birth father Chris as he died six months prior to him being born.

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How did Chris Tate die?

Chris killed himself after discovering Charity had been having an illicit affair with her second cousin Cain Dingle and father of her other child Debbie Dingle.

Chris toasted to the ‘death of their marriage’ only to then die of his poisoned drink.

It had been an attempt to frame Charity for his ‘murder’. Yet his plan ultimately failed.

Joe Tate deserved a better ending than Emmerdale gave him (Credit: ITV)
Joe and Noah are half-brothers (Credit: ITV)

How are Noah and Joe Tate related?

Noah and Joe are brothers. Technically they are half-brothers.

They share the same father, Chris Tate. Joe’s mother is the late Rachel Hughes.

In fact, Chris and Rachel had an affair after he was left semi-paralysed by a plane crash.

She gave him swimming lessons and they fell in love.

However, he was married to her good friend Kathy Brookman at the time.

Chris went on to divorce Kathy and marry Rachel – but they were divorced just a couple of years later.

She is also dead, after being pushed off a cliff by her insane lover Graham Clark.

noah dingle young
Noah with mum Charity as a young lad (Credit: ITV)

Who are Noah’s other siblings?

There are quite a few more! He is also half-siblings to: Debbie Dingle, Ryan Stocks and Moses Dingle.

What’s more, he has adoptive brother Johnny Woodfield.

What is Noah Dingle’s health condition?

After a near fatal drug overdose, Noah was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis.

And he was left with permanent kidney damage.

charity and noah
Will Charity ruin Noah’s chance of joining the army? (Credit: ITV)

Has Noah joined the army?

Noah has expressed a strong interest in leaving Emmerdale village for a new life in the army.

However, his pre-existing health conditions could thwart his military ambitions.

His mum Charity also looks set to ruin his chances of joining the army.

In fact, after he doubles over in pain while running, she warns him about his health.

Terrified this could affect his chances of signing up, he gets Samson to give him a urine sample.

But once Charity discovers his cheeky move, she informs the assessment centre.

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