FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 pictures

Maria feels guilty after cheating...

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Next week’s Coronation Street sees Maria cheat on Gary just as he’s about to propose, while David has a terrifying car crash, and Bethany gets even with Ray by exposing his true colours…

Maria cheats with Ali

Maria is suspicious when she sees Gary acting shady and vents her frustrations to Ali.

Soon Ali is admitting that he never stopped loving her and the pair are kissing.

Maria feels guilty when she gets home to confront Gary about his dodgy dealings – only for him to confess he was planning to propose. Awkward.

David puts his kids in danger 

Exhausted after visiting Shona in Leeds, David gets the kids into the car so they can head off for a school play…

But tragedy strikes when he nearly falls asleep at the wheel and crashes into a skip.

Maria takes pity on David when he worries about how he will get to Leeds to see Shona, and gives her car to him.

But David’s week gets worse when Shona’s doctor tells him that his wife is refusing to see him.

Will shattered David be forced to give up on his marriage?

Alina and Eileen battle it out 

Eileen is horrified when she gets to her job interview at the factory to find Alina is applying for the same role.

Seb is surprised to see Alina in Weatherfield and introduces her to his girlfriend, Emma.

When Alina reveals she is looking for somewhere to live, Seb suggests to Emma that Alina could come and live with them. Will Emma agree?

Bethany exposes Ray’s true colours 

Bethany is worried when Alya admits Ray has booked her a posh hotel room to meet interior designers in.

Bethany warns Alya that Ray is trying to get her into bed… but will she listen?

Having heard about Ray’s true colours later in the week, Abi turns up at a charity gala with a plan.

What does she have up her sleeve?

Daniel and Bethany go public 

Despite feeling guilty about Sinead, Daniel announces to a packed pub that he and Bethany are now an item.

Everyone is stunned as the pair kiss. But will their romance last?

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