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Friday 15th November 2019

Neighbours SPOILER: New trailer reveals the dark twists and turns in late-night special

Five huge storylines - one unmissable episode

Neighbours has just released an unmissable new promo trailer for its huge late-night special next week - and it seems the drama just keeps getting more exciting.

The trailer reveals there are five huge storylines packed into the one-hour episode... each one set to leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

The arrival of Ryan Thomas's mysteriously sneaky character, Rafael Humphries, looks more sinister than ever as he can be seen lurking in Paul Robinson's dark bedroom, watching him while he sleeps.

Rafael wants revenge - but what is Paul guilty of? (Credit: Channel 5)

We also see Tyler Brennan risking his life to go on the run from the police as he faces going to jail for Hamish Roche's murder.

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But as he and girlfriend Piper Willis try to escape the authorities, will his death-defying leap from one rooftop to another end in tragedy?

Tyler goes to desperate measures to escape the police (Credit: Channel 5)

The video also shows Jack Callahan and Paige Smith give in to their feelings for each other as they share a steamy kiss - but how long will it be before their respective partners, Steph Scully and Mark Brennan, find out what has happened?

Jack and Paige give in to their feelings (Credit: Channel 5)

Another huge storyline that's revisited is the fake Dee Bliss saga. The promo labels Andrea as the 'one that got away' for Toadie Rebecchi - and with wife Sonya out of town, does this leave Toadie open to temptation?

Is the fake Dee Bliss story about to return? (Credit: Channel 5)

Probably the biggest storyline is the much-anticipated return of Izzy Hoyland, who is back with a huge secret that's clearly going to turn Karl and Susan Kennedy's world upside down.

Poor Susan's shocked when she knocks Izzy over with her car... (Credit: Channel 5)

New pictures released by Neighbours show Susan and Karl fighting over a new hospital wing - leading to a distracted Susan accidentally knocking someone down in their car...

And of course that someone turns out to be none other than Susan's long-term love rival Izzy Hoyland!

Karl is full of worry as Izzy is rushed to hospital - leaving poor Susan watching the pair from afar once again.

Is Izzy back to fight for Karl? (Credit: Channel 5)

And is you're wondering why everyone is wearing strange outfits - it's all down to Toadie's belated 21st birthday fancy dress party!

Karl and Izzy's daughter, Holly, is also back in Erinsborough with her mum - but as the pair talk, it soon becomes clear Izzy and her daughter are hiding something huge from the Kennedys.

What secret is Izzy hiding from the Kennedys? (Credit: Channel 5)

Could home wrecker Izzy tear Karl and Susan apart once again?

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Most excitingly, UK fans are set to see this Neighbours special ahead of Aussie fans as a rare treat - make sure you tune in on Monday, February 12 at 10pm on Channel 5.