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Saturday 24th August 2019

Neighbours SPOILER: Izzy Hoyland arrives back in Ramsay Street with a BANG!

She's making her presence felt!

We are VERY excited about Izzy coming back to Neighbours - and we're looking forward to her return even more now we know she's coming back with a steamy sex scene!

But are Izzy's saucy bedroom antics with old flame Karl Kennedy? We really hope not!

"For the bedroom scene, I can't give too much away but it gets a little hot and steamy," Natalie Bassingthwaite, who plays Izzy, told

"It's Neighbours, so they don't go overboard, but I can't say any more..."

There's always drama when Izzy comes back!

Karl accompanies Izzy to hospital (Credit: C5)

But surely this saucy scene doesn't involve Karl Kennedy?

He's the father of Izzy's daughter Holly, and the pair have a lot of unfinished business - at least as far as Izzy's concerned.

"There's always drama when Izzy comes back. She's definitely caught up in something which will be revealed quite quickly after she arrives," teased Natalie.

Izzy arrives in the special late-night episode on Monday, February 12.

Is Susan as pleased to see Izzy as this pic suggests? (Credit: C5)

And she is literally back with a bang because Susan hits her with her car! Annoyed and distracted after arguing with Karl, Susan leaves Toadie's party and crashes into her old love-rival.

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Karl takes Izzy to hospital to be checked out but Izzy won't tell him why she's back in Erinsborough.

And Karl's suspicious that his wife could have driven into Izzy deliberately.

Susan's shocked when she hits Izzy with her car (Credit: C5)

Looks like Ms Hoyland's going to be causing trouble as soon as she arrives!

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