Ryan Moloney plays Toadie Rebecchi Credit: Channel 5

Neighbours Spoilers: Toadie to be murdered by evil Finn in 35th anniversary special?

Danger is looming!

It has been confirmed by Channel 5 that three people will die in the Neighbours 35th anniversary special, but will fan-favourite Toadie (Ryan Maloney) be one of the victims?

Viewers know that no one is safe from psychopathic Finn (Rob Kelly), including friends Toadie and Bea (Bonnie Anderson).

With Toadie set to play the hero and put his life at risk to protect his friends, could he be about to meet a tragic end?

The party-goers arrive on the island (Credit: Channel 5) 

As a group of Ramsay Street residents, including Finn, Toadie, and Bea, head off on a glamping holiday on Pierce’s Island to celebrate Elly’s (Jodie Anasta) birthday, Finn’s psychotic meltdown will begin. His evil side will come back in full force, making him a danger to everyone on the island.

Finn manages to separate Bea from the rest of the group after deciding that she has to go so that he can have Elly to himself. He traps terrified Bea in a mine, planning to kill her and make it look like it was a horrific accident.

Toadie becomes concerned when he realises that Bea is nowhere to be found.

Despite her allegedly texting sister Elly to let her know that she’s fine after deciding to “break-up” with Finn and has chosen to head home, Toadie is suspicious.

Viewers will know that the text will actually be sent by Finn himself, as part of his evil plan to kill Bea and have birthday girl, Elly to himself.

Neighbours Finn Credit: Channel 5
Finn’s evil side is set to resurface (Credit: Channel 5)

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Toadie senses that something isn’t quite right and goes on a hunt for Bea, heading into the Bush by himself as he searches for his missing friend.

However, Finn is determined to not be caught and has armed himself with a crossbow – as shown in the horrifying trailer for the danger island special – and will stop at nothing to protect his secret and ensure the no one, including Toadie, finds out what he’s done.

As a storm barrels towards the camp, things go from bad to worse for widower Toadie, as he continues to trek through the Bush alone, completely oblivious to the danger he’s in.

Toadie and his friends arrive on the island (Credit: Channel 5)

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Toadie is later found by Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) washed up on the beach barely alive. What has happened to him and was Finn to blame?

In a desperate bid to get Toadie to the hospital, Paul flags down a car. However, it turns out that the person who has stopped to “help” is going to put the pair in even more danger.

Toadie is found face down, washed up on the beach (Credit: Channel 5)

Will fans be saying goodbye to both, or will Toadie and Paul make it to the hospital alive?

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