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Monday 13th July 2020

Neighbours SPOILER: Real identity of 'back from the dead' Dee Bliss revealed

Who is Andrea really?

Fans of Neighbours have been struggling to keep up with the Dee Bliss/Andrea Somers storyline, but actress Madeleine West - who plays 'Fake Dee' and 'Real Dee' - has now revealed a major spoiler.

It's already been confirmed that Dee didn't die all those years ago when Toadie crashed their car off a cliff on their wedding day.

Despite believing she'd been dead for 16 years, Dee is actually alive!

Will the real Dee please stand up? (Credit: Channel 5)

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And although Toadie thought she was alive once before when lookalike Andrea turned up and pretended to be her, this time it is actually, really, very definitely, Dee!

But there's another huge shock - Dee and Andrea aren't just lookalikes...

Speaking to The Sun Madeleine said: "I don't know if I'm allowed to reveal that but, yeah, they are twins."

I don't know if I'm allowed to reveal that but, yeah, they are twins.

Twins separated at birth!

Next week sees a dramatic clifftop showdown when Andrea and Dee come face to face for the first time in years.

Dee has been living as a woman named Karen and her meeting with Andrea will result in a physical fight - which sees Dee plunge off a cliff all over again.

This time though, we know she's rescued by her mother, Heather - who thinks she's Andrea (are you keeping up?!).

This is definitely Andrea... we think (Credit: Channel 5)

"You've got to love a 17 year old throwback," added Madeleine.

"The symbolism and the metaphorical, it's pure flat bang Nirvana."

The soap will also look at what's been happening to Dee in the 16 years we haven't seen her.

And according to the publication, the sisters will come face to face all over again - but what will happen when they do?

Toadie's going to have a hell of a choice (Credit: Channel 5)

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How will Toadie react when he finds Fake Dee and Real Dee are sisters and his presumed dead first wife is actually alive?

It's all too confusing...

Neighbours is on Channel 5 Monday to Friday at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.

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