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Monday 30th March 2020

Neighbours SPOILER: Paul Robinson marries his SIXTH wife

And all of his exes are there!

As Paul Robinson prepares to wed for the sixth time in Neighbours, he's been severely spooked by the return of his ex wives over recent weeks.

Paul has finally got his 'fairy-tale' ending as he prepares to say 'I do' with Terese Willis.

But when his second wife Gail Lewis showed up in town, he was thrown.

All his living ex-wives are back (Credit: Channel 5)

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Then fourth wife Lyn Scully turned up and gave a stark warning to both Paul and his bride-to-be about their future together.

Add to the mix Paul's fifth wife Rebecca Napier, who is arriving on-screen this week, and Paul's a complete mess.

Next week sees Paul and Terese head to Queensland to wed, but after coming face to face with three ex-wives already, he's stunned to see his third wife, Christina Alessi, at the same hotel he's getting hitched at.

The meeting causes him to cancel his wedding, convinced the universe doesn't want him to marry Terese.

Why are the Alessi twins in town? (Credit: Channel 5)

But Christina's twin sister, Caroline is also at the hotel and she's not happy with her sister's tactics - ordering her to tell Paul the truth.

And what is the truth?

Paul's daughter, Elle Robinson, has been meddling with his life and she's the person responsible for bringing all the exes together.

As he contacts Elle on Skype, Paul demands an explanation.

She remains unapologetic as she tells him she did it to test his love for Terese, and make him realise his attitude towards women is toxic.

Paul begs for Terese's forgiveness (Credit: Channel 5)

Realising he's been manipulated, Paul quickly finds Terese and begs for her forgiveness, asking her to marry him.

With the wedding back on, Paul and Terese say their vows in front of an Elvis impersonator - and Christina and Caroline!

Paul, Terese, Christina, Caroline and an Elvis impersonator makes it a wedding to remember! (Credit: Channel 5)

But does a happy future lie ahead for the new Mr and Mrs Robinson?

Or did his ex-wives and daughter all have a point? Is it all set to end in tears yet again?

Happy ever after? They hope so! (Credit: Channel 5)

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Sixth time lucky? Let's hope so for Terese's sake!

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