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Saturday 11th July 2020

Neighbours SPOILER: Dee and Toadie torn apart AGAIN after shock kiss

Will these two find their way back to each other again?

Ever since her shock 'return from the dead' Toadie Rebecchi has been struggling with his feelings for Dee Bliss in Neighbours.

And next week she will leave Erinsborough after the pair share a surprise kiss - will they ever reunite again?

After plenty of twists and turns Real Dee came back to Ramsay Street after Fake Dee - aka Andrea Somers - was outed as an imposter.

Andrea took over Dee's identity (Credit: Channel 5)

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It was then revealed that Dee and Andrea were in fact twins separated at birth and that was why they looked so alike.

Once Dee managed to get Andrea and their mother Heather arrested for their crimes, she decided to cut all ties with her biological family after one betrayal too many.

As she tries to rebuild her life, Dee has found herself growing closer to Toadie and as she admits she still has feelings for him, he knows his feelings for her aren't purely platonic either.

Grappling with this seeing as his wife Sonya only recently passed away, Toadie is in turmoil.

Dee, Nell, Toadie and Hugo are bonding (Credit: Channel 5)

As Dee and Toadie work together on an arts and crafts project for Toadie and Sonya's daughter, Nell, the chemistry between Dee and Toadie is bubbling.

It's not long before they give into it and share a kiss - but Toadie freaks out as he's flooded with memories of Sonya and their life together and also his ordeal with Andrea, with whom he fathered a child.

Toadie flees to clear his head, but by the time he returns, Dee has packed up and moved back to Byron Bay.

Will Toadie ever get over this? (Credit: Channel 5)

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He follows her wanting to sort things out, but when he tracks her down they both decide they aren't ready for a relationship and agree to go their separate ways.

This is the end of the latest stint on the soap by actress Madeleine West, who plays Dee. But will she return again?

After 16 years away, anything is possible - surely this can't be it for Toadie and Dee?

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