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Friday 10th July 2020

Neighbours reveals show legend Lyn Scully will return next week

She's returns with Paul in her sights

Australian soap Neighbours will see one of its legendary characters return next week as Lyn Scully heads back to Erinsborough.

But why is she back? And why is she so obsessed with her ex-husband Paul Robinson?

Lyn was last seen on screen in 2017, and the show has now confirmed she is returning for another guest stint.

Susan and Karl are right to be suspicious of their old friend (Credit: Channel 5)

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Her comeback sees her initially there to conduct some interviews for her business The Retreat.

But when she meets up with old friends Susan and Karl, it's not long before it seems she has an ulterior motive - and it involves ex-hubby Paul.

Paul and Lyn were married for less than 24 hours after Paul admitted he knew he would break her heart and left her.

She moved away, but returned to ruin his next relationship with Rebecca Napier.

What is Lyn plotting? (Credit: Channel 5)

Lyn turned up on their wedding day and revealed she was still married to Paul as she'd never signed the divorce papers.

She has made several other returns since and Paul has never been glad to see her, but never-more-so than this time round as she threatens his newfound happiness.

Paul is finally engaged to Terese after years of trying to win her heart.

But Lyn is determined to meddle and when she meets with Terese, she warns her not to go ahead with the wedding.

Terese and Paul are finally together (Credit: Channel 5)

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Terese is rattled, especially as another ex-wife of Paul's, Gail, also gives her the same warning this week.

She brings the meetings up with Paul and admits she's worried, so he decides to pay Lyn a visit.

He warns her not to mess with him, but she points out he's the one factor in all of his failed marriages, before insisting if he truly loves Terese, he'll let her go.

Paul accuses Lyn of being jealous, but it's clear she's got to him. Does Lyn want him back?

When she later tells Sheila Canning Paul's luck is about to run out, it seems Lyn has definitely brought trouble with her back to Erinsborough...

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