Michelle Hardwick baby

Michelle Hardwick baby: Vile troll targets Emmerdale star’s baby son Teddy

The actress bravely shared the abuse she suffered

Emmerdale star Michelle Hardwick has been showered with support after revealing the vile abuse she received from a troll about her baby son Teddy.

The actress welcomed Teddy 10 weeks ago with wife Kate Brooks.

But after posting a sweet picture showing Teddy laying on his stomach, a homophobic troll sent her disgusting messages about him.

Baby son of Michelle Hardwick targeted by trolls

The vile messages were posted underneath the picture – and Michelle decided to shame him.

She shared a screenshot of the comments to Twitter with the words: “This charming post came as a response to a picture of our beautiful son. It’s 2020. Just be kind.”

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Her friends quickly jumped in to support her.

This charming post came as a response to a picture of our beautiful son. Just be kind.

Mandy Dingle star Lisa Riley wrote: “Revolting pieces of S@@T. If I ever heard these people say this, god only knows what I would do.

“Absolutely disgusting, with your stunning new family, you don’t deserve this utter scum. Rise above the pathetic bigoted nonsense.”

Michelle and wife Kate Brooks
Michelle and wife Kate Brooks married in September 2019 (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Michelle supported by Emmerdale co-stars and friends

Television presenter Lorraine Kelly said: “Oh Michelle I’m so sorry – this is truly vile.

“Please don’t let these bigots get to you – this sort of prejudice and abuse used to make me so angry but now I feel sorry for them – imagine being so so full of hate and bile.

“Have a wonderful Xmas with your beautiful wife and baby.”

Lydia Dingle star Karen Blick commented: “Ermmm I spent most of my life without a father but that’s by the by. So sorry this kind of abuse comes your way love.”

Louisa Clein added: “Teddy doesn’t get just one magnificent mum but two. He’s twice as lucky!! You’re all utterly glorious and there’s so much love for you guys.”

Andrea Tate actress Anna Nightingale, meanwhile, said: “Love will always win.

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“Look at how much you guys are surrounded by. Don’t see the same support coming their way! Sad, bitter and angry little troll with nothing better to do.

“That vile hate can’t touch what you will all have forever”

As well as the others, Emmerdale star Dean Andrews, who plays Will Taylor, added: “Any child would be very lucky to be have you two beauties in their lives xx”

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