Mel Owen’s wedding dress had “practical” pockets and EastEnders fans LOVED it!

Now why didn't we think of that?

Brides-to-be often become fixated on what wedding gown they plan to wear on their big day – obsessing about what shade of white it should be, how long the veil and how many pounds they have to lose until they can squeeze into it!

Not so EastEnders’ Mel Owen. When she planned her nuptials to fiancé Ray Kelly, she wanted… pockets.

Well, you never know when you’re going to need your phone, or some lip gloss, or indeed a weapon.

Mel Owen in wedding dress
Mel’s ‘big’ day was bigger than most! (Credit: BBC)

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While she still managed to look stunning, Mel added some practical concealed pockets into her ivory wedding dress – and fans absolutely loved her for it!

On New Year’s Day, viewers saw Mel in her frock for the first time as she prepared to marry conman Ray.

And, last night (Thursday 3 January), soap fans saw newlyweds Mel and Ray come head-to-head in a dramatic showdown where only one of them came out alive.

Or at least, we think they did, this is EastEnders after all, land of the multiple resurrections.

EastEnders mel owen strangled by ray kelly
Not a good look on your wedding day (Credit: BBC)

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As Mel tried to save son Hunter from the wicked hands of deranged Ray, viewers were seriously impressed that Mel managed to do all this in her wedding dress.

And they totally backed the fashion choice to have pockets.

One said: “Mel’s wedding dress has pockets and I am HERE for it.”

Another agreed, typing: “I think what struck me most about last night’s #EastEnders was how much I loved the fact that Mel’s wedding dress had pockets. Quite enjoyed Ray’s Walking Dead impression too when he came out of the ground.”

A third commented: “Only Mel would have a wedding dress with pockets.”

“I’m watching this episode but all I can think is ‘Woooow Mel’s my kinda girl – pockets in her wedding dress. Very practical’,” admired another.

Some even referenced Catherine Tate’s character Donna in Doctor Who, who famously shouted at David Tennant’s Doctor: “I’m in my wedding dress, it doesn’t have pockets. Who has pockets? Have you ever seen a bride with pockets?!”

Well, yes, we have now!

Mel’s pockets came in very handy during the course of the fierce battle, which ultimately saw Mel run Ray over in her car trying to get away.

However, after failing to check his pulse, she buried him in soil only for Ray to jump out of his grave ‘Thriller-style’.

He then tried to strangle Mel, until Hunter shot him through the chest.

Is he dead though? Or could this be another Easties red herring?

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