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EastEnders’ Max and Jack Branning set to fight over Lauren bombshell

Max and Jack Branning are reportedly set to fight at the upcoming EastEnders boat party

Brothers Max and Jack Branning are reportedly set to go to war at the upcoming EastEnders boat party during the 35th anniversary special.

After an explosive secret is revealed by Jack (Scott Maslen) about Max’s daughter, Lauren Branning, Max (Jake Wood) is unable to control his anger and explodes at his brother.

EastEnders 35th anniversary boat party (Credit BBC)
Max and Jack can be seen stood apart in the EastEnders 35th anniversary advert (Credit BBC)

It is revealed that Lauren and Peter, who have a son called Louis together and have been living in New Zealand, have once again split up, and that Jack – Lauren’s uncle – has been supporting her through the break-up.

This news will come ahead of Peter Beale’s long-awaited return to Walford next week.

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Lauren and Peter allegedly reunited off-screen back in 2018 after Lauren left Walford in the wake of her sister Abi’s death and her own horrific fall from The Queen Vic roof, in scenes reminiscent of when her half-brother Bradley fell from the same spot during the soap’s 25th anniversary celebrations back in 2010.

Denise encourages Jack to tell Max what has been going on (Credit BBC)

As The Vic’s boat party begins, Denise will encourage Jack to talk to Max and tell him the truth about how he has been helping Lauren since her split with Peter.

While Jack takes his girlfriend’s advice and decides to tell his brother what has been going on, things take an unfortunate turn when Max reacts badly to the news and become angry with Jack.

Jack, his girlfriend Denise, and Max (Credit BBC)

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Annoyed that Jack has kept him out of the loop regarding his daughter Lauren’s welfare, Max is furious with him and tensions between the two begin to rise, with the situation becoming nasty and quickly getting out of hand.

As the fight gets out of control, Jack sees red and punches Max.

The brothers are renowned for having a turbulent relationship – will this be the thing that pushes one of them over the edge?

Max’s youngest daughter, Abi died after falling off The Queen Vic roof in 2018 (Credit BBC)

Will the drama around them put their argument into perspective or will things escalate and end on a tragic note?

Could one of the Branning brothers plunge to a watery death?

Who do you think will drown during the EastEnders 35th anniversary special – will it be one of the brothers or someone else? Leave a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know what you think the outcome will be for Max and Jack.

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