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Matthew Wolfenden and Isabel Hodgins: What really happened between the Emmerdale stars?

The David Metcalfe and Victoria Sugden actors were allegedly involved in a row

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Matthew Wolfenden and Isabel Hodgins hit the headlines last year after a reported feud on the set of Emmerdale.

The Victoria Sugden and David Metcalfe stars both took a break from filming the show and returned in January 2022.

Since their comeback however, they’ve featured very little on screen, until this week.

So what really happened?

David Metcalfe and Victoria Sugden fight for their lives in Emmerdale waterfall scenes
It was during filming for these scenes the alleged incident kicked off (Credit: ITV)

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When did Matthew Wolfenden and Isabel Hodgins fall out?

In November 2021, The Sun reported that Matthew and Isabel were involved in a row on set in September and bosses were forced to intervene.

A source told the publication: “It was very heated.”

It is said to have happened while the two actors were travelling to set to film the dramatic Super Soap Week waterfall stunt that saw Isabel’s character Victoria dragged over the edge.

Matthew and Isabel were reportedly travelling with Aaron Anthony (Ellis Chapman) when they were caught up in the row.

The source claimed: “It left a lot of those present at the filming feeling uncomfortable. It was a very heated situation. Tempers were running very high. It was tense and bosses got to hear about what had gone on very quickly.”

It was also claimed that Matthew and Isabel took a break from filming so bosses could investigate what went on.

One insider added: “While they were on set a comment was made which unintentionally caused offence, and an argument broke out among some of the cast members.

“This was a massive deal for all of them and obviously everyone was under pressure to make scenes work.”

The source continued that Emmerdale takes these kind of ­allegations “very seriously”.

They claimed that Matthew and Isabel did not film scenes while “enquiries” were made.

Emmerdale cast
Victoria and David had grown closer on screen during this time (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale race row reports

Later that month, new reports emerged that the clash was actually between Isabel and Matthew and Aaron.

The Sun alleged there was a comment made, plus the mimicking of a mixed-race co-star’s accent.

The co-star was not identified.

A source told the publication: “It is common knowledge on set that Matthew and Isabel are not filming at the moment following a complaint.

“This all came about after a conversation between them and another actress – during which the alleged remark was made.

“An accusation was also made that the actress’s accent had been mimicked.”

The source added: “We have been told that Aaron brought this up with Matthew subsequently and that there was a tense conversation between them. Matthew and Isabel stopped filming afterwards.

“Emotions have been running high on set ever since. But no one knows what to believe.

“The female cast member who was involved is filming as normal. But she wishes that she wasn’t entangled in it.”

Emmerdale Feb 7 Ellis has had a job offer abroad, and tells Al he's taking the job
Ellis emigrated to Australia very quickly (Credit: ITV)

Why did Aaron Anthony leave Emmerdale?

Aaron, who was the second actor to play Ellis Chapman, left the show in February 2022.

It was reported he quit the show over what had happened.

A source told The Sun: “Aaron is bitterly angry about this situation and he has had to be persuaded to come back to Leeds to film his scenes in recent months.

“He has done some filming over the last couple of weeks, but the understanding is that those scenes will be his last.”

The insider said Aaron appeared “very vocal” about the allegations.

“He now feels his position on the show is untenable,” the source added.

Ellis’s exit saw him get offered a job in Australia and leave within a week.

What did Emmerdale say about the situation?

Emmerdale released a statement when the initial reports emerged.

They said: “While we would never comment on individual cases, Emmerdale has robust policies in place to deal with any allegations brought to our attention and take the appropriate steps.

“Neither actor has been suspended from Emmerdale.”

When later asked about Aaron’s exit, a spokesperson added: “We don’t comment on cast contracts.”

What did Matthew Wolfenden and Isabel Hodgins say about the alleged incident?

Matthew, 41, and Isabel, 27, were said to both categorically deny the allegations, believing there had been a misunderstanding. .

Neither has addressed the matter publicly.

Matthew posted on Instagram not long after the initial reports emerged, but failed to address the story. Instead he shared a video of himself making breakfast with his family.

Matthew’s wife, Charley Webb, who played Debbie Dingle on the soap, then posted pictures of Matthew and Isabel spending Halloween together.

And earlier this month, Isabel shared a gushing post wishing her on-screen other-half a happy birthday.

Emmerdale stars Isabel Hodgins and Matthew Woldefenden cuddling
Emmerdale star Isabel Hodgins sent her birthday wishes with this throwback shot (Credit: Instagram)

On her Instagram Stories, she declared “Happy birthday @matthewwolfenden55.”

“To this brilliant human who makes me laugh every single day.”

Her pics included a flashback picture of her and Matthew back in 2013, smiling as they embraced.

She also posted one of Matthew looking a little fed up, captioning it with a simple: “I love you.”

Victoria and David returned last week (Credit: ITV)
Victoria and David returned in January 2022 (Credit: ITV)

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What happened to David and Victoria on-screen?

As the actors took a two-month ‘break’, scriptwriters had to scramble to create an exit for them.

With Meena‘s big finale coming, it was widely believed Matthew and Isabel would play a part in that as they had both been potential victims for the serial killer.

However, they hurriedly left for a holiday instead!

Their absence was explained on-screen on Thursday, November 18. David and Victoria were said to have gone to Portugal to visit Diane Sugden.

The couple returned on Friday, January 28, their comeback supposedly delayed because David’s son, Theo, had an ear infection and couldn’t fly.

David Metcalfe gets down on one knee and proposes to Victoria Sugden
David proposes and it could go very wrong… (Credit: ITV)

Are Matthew Wolfenden and Isabel Hodgins leaving Emmerdale?

They weren’t on screen again for long, however, when three weeks later they went to London as Victoria was afraid Meena would come back to finish her off.

David returned just two days later, but Victoria was nowhere to be seen.

Fans were understandably baffled by all the coming and going! But it looks like they are sticking around now.

The pair haven’t been on screen much at all in recent weeks, but this week they’re back with a bang as David plans to propose.

Is Victoria set to be a willing wife – or will she break his heart?

It also turns out David has a huge secret he hasn’t told Vic about. Could they be heading for disaster again?

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

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