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Martin Kemp confused about why EastEnders’ Mick Carter didn’t save Linda Carter

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Martin Kemp has said that he “couldn’t work out” why EastEnders’ Mick Carter failed to save wife Linda Carter during the first 35th anniversary week episode on Monday night.

Former Albert Square resident, Martin Kemp – who played Steve Owen on the BBC One soap from 1998 until his death in 2002 – has said that he loved watching Monday night’s dramatic episode, which ended with Linda (Kelly Bright) stuck on a sinking boat as the water rose around her and husband, Mick.

Martin Kemp played Steve Owen on Eastenders (Credit

As they were going down and the water was coming up… I couldn’t work out why he wasn’t pulling the top [of the shelf] and bashing it open!

While Mick tried to save her, as the credits rolled her foot was still trapped and she was still unable to move, leading to a cliffhanger ending for fans.

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Martin thought that the current landlord of the Queen Vic should have used some of his strength to pull his wife free, and was confused about why he didn’t.

Martin said: “The Titanic moment. Yes I watched it the other night. ‘No love no, get your foot out, you’re stuck! I’m never gonna leave ya!”

He continued: “As they were going down and the water was coming up… I couldn’t work out why he wasn’t pulling the top [of the shelf] and bashing it open!”

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However, Martin also went on to praise the soap for its incredible scenes.

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Speaking to The Sun Online, he commented: “It was a good moment and they’ve gone to a lot of trouble, EastEnders to go down and film in Shepperton tank, that they shot it in.”

He added: “And I love seeing ‘EastEnders’ put effort into it because that’s what it’s at its best.”

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Martin Kemp as Steve Owen in EastEnders (Credit BBC)

On the scenes filmed for the 35th anniversary week, Danny Dyer said that EastEnders has taken soaps “to a new level” and that he wishes the show could “stay at this level every episode”.

He also said: “It’s a real shock who goes, I’m telling you.”

He continued: “I think we’ve taken the soap thing to a new level. Every ep starts at the disaster and we jump back seven hours earlier and then it’s four different characters and their routes to being on the boat, why they’re there and what their storyline is.”

He added: “It’s very clever. We’re very proud of it.”

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