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Saturday 11th July 2020

Lisa Riley teases huge Emmerdale twist: 'Mandy's son Vinny isn't who you think he is'

Mother and son are returning this month

Mandy Dingle returns to Emmerdale next week and this time she's sticking around for a bit longer.

After 17 years away from the village, Mandy came back earlier in the year to the delight of soap fans.

Lisa Riley is reprising her role as Mandy Dingle (Credit: ITV)

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Now she's returning with a longer stay in mind - and we already know she has a huge secret.

From the minute Mandy returns with her son Vinny, she's thrown into the centre of things when she walks in on Jessie cheating on Marlon with her ex-husband Al.

And it soon transpires that Mandy is hiding something pretty explosive herself!

Mandy catches Jessie cheating on Marlon (Credit: ITV)

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Fans have been speculating wildly about Mandy's explosive secret, with some even believing Marlon is the father of her son Vinny.

Others think Mandy and Chas could even be sisters.

So maybe Vinny isn't who we think he is, so maybe that's what's going to be explored.

And now Lisa has hinted that her son is not what he seems!

Could Vinny hold the key to Mandy's secret? (Credit: ITV)

In an interview with Digital Spy, actress Lisa Riley explained that Mandy's son Vinny isn't as innocent as he may appear.

She said: "Mandy is a really good teacher, so she could have told Vinny to say anything.

"Vinny is Mandy's son, so she will have taught him everything over the last 17 years - how to survive, how to manipulate, how to get money.

"So maybe Vinny isn't who we think he is, so maybe that's what's going to be explored."

Lisa, who is sworn to secrecy over how long Mandy is staying in the Dales, also revealed that her character "wants to mix it up a bit and get the fight back" believing the Dingle family to be too settled.

Mandy arrived for Marlon's wedding and will be instrumental in his split (Credit: ITV)

"She might even manipulate a few of them to get what she wants, which is money!" she added.

Last time Mandy was in the village, she was instrumental in proving that Bear Wolf was Paddy's biological father, but - as she departed - Vinny questioned why she hadn't revealed the REAL reason she'd returned to the Dales...

What could this secret be?

Due to their uncanny resemblance, some viewers became convinced that Vinny is Paddy's biological son. However, Mandy soon dispelled that theory. But could she have been lying?

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