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Lifelong Corrie fans abandon soap over “all time low” storylines

Some even called the plot "horrifically" bad

Upset Coronation Street fans have started voting with their remote controls, and are turning off the ITV soap, they claim.

Lifelong viewers have alleged the serial drama is at its lowest point ever – and have slammed the show for the new cast of “unlikable actors”.

Corrie fans traumatised over Gemma and Chesney sex scene
We no likey, say Corrie fans (Credit: ITV)

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Previous favourites Gemma and Chesney’s current storyline seems to be the most hated, with one Digital Spy Forum user claiming they are a “repellent pair”.

Taking to the website and calling himself Walter, one wrote: “After almost 59 years, it’s goodbye Corrie from me!

“I never thought that it would happen, but then I never thought that the producers would ever sink that low as to turn it into the Chesney and Gemma show.”

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He continued: “Last week, I finally decided that I wasn’t going to suffer another 30 minutes of that repellent pair.

“I have watched Corrie since the very first episode in December 1960, and am still loving Classic Corrie every weekeday afternoon.”

He went on to say that he misses “those marvellous actors from 30 years ago” adding: “That made me realise just how little I care about any of the current crop, or what happens to them.

“I can never remember there ever being so many unlikeble characters, and bad actors in one programme.”

Corrie header cobbles
Corrie criticised for going downhill (Credit: ITV)

Others rushed to agree with him, with one adding: “It’s been rapidly going downhill in general for a decade or so.

“It had a very good year in 2017 and the first part of last but apart from that it’s been deep in the gutter.”

Another soap fan urged the disgruntled soap fan to “watch EastEnders instead, it’s much better”, and one more said: “This is the main problem. It’s the same characters that are shoved down our throats at the moment.

“Iain MacLeod has given Gemma the majority of the stories since he took over.”

Iain MacLeod
Iain MacLeod stands accused of featuring too much Gemma in his scenes (Credit: ITV)

A user calling himself David Wright claimed it’s the volume of episodes nowadays, writing: “The problem is that there are just far too many episodes.

“If you’re pushing out three hours of TV every week, you’re going to have rubbish like Ches and Gemma caravan nightmares. They need to halve the number of episodes (as do all the soaps).”

Gemma got it from another source, too, as one man said: “I am happy to say that I have never met anyone like Gemma and hope I never will.

“She is a parody and does not reflect ‘everyday folk’ as Corrie is supposed to. You only have to watch Classic Corrie to see the difference.”

Vintage Corrie starring Ken Morley as Reg Holdsworth (Credit: ITV)

Other critics slammed the current storylines as “dire”, “horrendous”, “trash” and “scraping the barrel with dog poo storylines”.

However, some weren’t prepared to give the ITV soap up so easily.

“I am not enjoying it much at the moment,” admitted one. “But I won’t give it up… I’ll just wait until it picks up… I could not bring myself to give something up I’ve been watching for 30 years!”

It’s not the first time Coronation Street fans have complained about the amount of airtime Gemma Winter gets.

Corrie fans just aren’t into her (Credit: ITV)

Just recently, ED! reported that fans had turned on “overused Gemma” and have begged for her to be axed.

The barmaid has been featuring heavily in the show of late and it’s set to continue after it was revealed she is pregnant with Chesney Brown’s baby.

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