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Kym Marsh reveals she ‘really misses’ Coronation Street and ‘will’ return to the show

Our Michelle Connor comeback prayers have been answered!

Kym Marsh has revealed that she would love to return to Coronation Street as Michelle Connor.

The actress – who now presents Morning Live and true crime documentary Murder At My Door – was last seen on the cobbles in December 2019.

And now she’s revealed exclusively to Entertainment Daily that she’d love to return.

Kym marsh on the red carpet
Kym Marsh has revealed she will return to Corrie one day (Credit: Splash News)

What did Kym Marsh say about returning to Coronation Street?

Speaking exclusively to ED!, Kym revealed a Corrie comeback is on the cards one day.

“I really do miss everyone, I really miss the street,” she revealed.

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“When I left I always said I’d come back one day and I will.

“I just needed to get out and take a little breather and do some other things.”

Kym added: “I have no doubt probably one day that I’ll go back there and dip my toe back, but right now I’m far too busy at the moment.”

Working during the pandemic

The Corrie favourite also revealed that she did think that perhaps she left the soap at the wrong time, once the coronavirus pandemic struck.

I really do miss everyone, I really miss the street. When I left I always said I’d come back one day and I will.

She told us: “I have been really busy and I’ve been so fortunate, but obviously the year I left was really weird.

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“I left in late October 2019 and went straight into doing loads of other bits and bobs and I had loads of stuff planned for the year after that obviously all fell through.

“I thought, oh no, what a year to leave!”

murder at my door
Kym will be on screen fronting new episodes of Murder At My Door (Credit: Crime+Investigation)

What is Kym doing now?

It was a gamble that clearly paid off, though.

As well as getting ready for the second series of the BBC’s Morning Live, Kym is busy fronting brand-new episodes of Crime+Investigation’s Murder At My Door.

It tells the real-life stories of people murdered in their homes by someone they thought they could trust.

So how does Kym, who is mum to two grown-up children and nine-year-old Polly, switch off when she returns home from a harrowing day of filming?

“I’m very fortunate that I’ve got a nine year old who’s a crazy little thing and as soon as I get home it’s like: ‘What’s for dinner?’

“But the stories do stick with you, I’ll remember them always and how shocking and upsetting they were,” she said.

The four-part series Murder At My Door with Kym Marsh returns on CRIME+INVESTIGATION, with the first episode airing on Monday February 1 at 9pm.

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