EastEnders Kat Slater

Kat Slater and Phil Mitchell on EastEnders: Who are their past lovers? How many kids do they have?

Brace yourselves!

Kat Slater and Phil Mitchell stunned EastEnders viewers when they slept together on Monday’s episode.

The unlikely couple have seemingly gone from foes to lovers.

But is this their first time in the sack? And who are their past lovers? And how many kids do they each have?

Get the answers and more about their tangled personal lives below…

What happened between Kat and Phil on EastEnders?

Kat Slater and Phil Mitchell appeared to sleep together on Monday’s episode of EastEnders.

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They’d previously fallen out after their heist attempt went very wrong – with Kat’s former partner Kush ending up getting caught by police.

kat slater
Kat got flirty with Phil (Credit: BBC)

But Kat put this all aside and demanded that Phil give her a massage.

She’d borrowed one of his cars to pick up a foot spa – only for it to break down.

Feigning anger, she flirted with Phil, demanding he make up for her loss.

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And Phil looked delighted at her proposal.

Next we see Phil ushering Sharon away, who Phil unceremoniously stood up on a Valentine’s Day date.

Once she’s gone, Kat appears in overalls with her lacy bra popping out.

How are viewers reacting?

Obvious that they’ve just been at it, viewers took to Twitter to share their surprise and even dismay.

One viewer tweeted: “Phil and Kat, This is not a good match, Who seriously came up with this idea?”

And another viewer asked: “Seriously?!?! Kat and Phil?!?! Whatever next??!?!”

kat slater underwear
Kat looked pleased with herself (Credit: BBC)

However, other viewers appeared to support the unusual pairing.

With one viewer arguing: “Ok, I did NOT see that coming! But I can see Kat and Phil working out.”

And another user sharing: “Kat and Phil. Yes. She will keep him on his toes. He won’t stand a chance. Putty in her hands. Saw this coming when they did that job months ago.”

This is believed to be the first time they’ve ever hooked up.

How many times has Kat Slater been married?

Kat has been married twice – but to the same man.

She was married to Alfie Moon between 2003- 2013. Only to then remarry again in 2014.

kat and alfie
Kat and Alfie have been married twice (Credit: BBC)

Technically they are still married, despite no longer being in a relationship.

Alfie, played by Shane Richie, is no longer on the soap.

How many kids does Kat have?

Kat is a mum of five. She has four sons and one daughter.

Any loyal Easties fan will remember the heart-wrenching storyline of 2001 when Kat revealed to daughter Zoe that she was indeed her mother.

Up to then, Zoe had been raised to believe Kat was her sister. Tragically, Kat had been raped by her uncle Harry at just 13, and conceived Zoe.

Kat also has four sons.

In 2010, she gave birth to Tommy. His father is Michael Moon – Alfie’s cousin – whom she had a secret affair with.

Tommy was famously swapped with Ronnie Mitchell’s son who had died from cot death.

Four months later Kat discovered her son was alive, and was reunited with her baby.

Then in 2014 she gave birth to twin boys – Bert and Ernie – who are Alfie Moon’s biological sons.

In 2016, she discovered that Zoe was actually a twin – and Kat had a son called Luke.

However, her family had kept his existence a secret from Kat, and he was adopted to a family in Ireland.

He grew up to be a murderer and was renamed Dermott Dolan by his adoptive parents.

Dermott appeared in the EastEnders spin-off Kat & Alfie: Redwater.

How many wives has Phil Mitchell had?

Phil is quite the ladies man on Albert Square. He’s been married a whopping four times.

And his lovers list is really quite impressive.

Phil’s first marriage in 1993 was far from romantic. In fact, he married Nadia Boravac out of pure pity.

She was a Romanian refugee who needed to marry a Brit in order to stay in the country with her fellow immigrant boyfriend.

Phil agreed to marry her but scandal and blackmail ensued – and they were divorced the following year.

sharon and phil
Sharon and Phil (Credit: BBC)

Then he married Kathy Hills in 1995 and they were together until 1999.

But Phil became an alcoholic during their marriage, and they both confessed to having affairs.

Hoping three times a charm, Phil married once again to PC Kate Morton in 2003.

She’d started out as an undercover cop attempting to frame Phil for Lisa Fowler’s ‘murder’.

But somehow they transition the betrayal into marriage and she gives up her job on the force as a result.

This third marriage doesn’t work out for Phil – as Kate files for divorce in 2005 after he is arrested for attempted robbery and assault.

sharon on eastenders
Sharon now wants Phil back (Credit: BBC)

And his fourth marriage to Sharon Watts of course didn’t end up happily ever after either.

Despite being previously married to Phil’s brother Grant, he still married Sharon in 2014.

They’d previously had an affair while she was still married to Grant – famously dubbed ‘Sharongate’ at the time.

They divorced last year, after Sharon’s affair with Keanu Taylor was revealed.

She gave birth to Keanu’s son, Kayden (now Albie), in February of last year.

However, in recent weeks they’ve attempted to rekindle their relationship.

But this now seems unlikely given his romp with Kat Slater.

How many lovers has Phil Mitchell had?

Too many to count! In addition to his four wives and now his hook up with Kat – he’s had many, many other women.

To date these include the likes of: Julie Cooper, Lisa Fowler, Mel Owen, Suzy Branning, Dawn Swann, Tanya Cross and Denise Fox.

How many children does he have?

Phil has three children – Ben Mitchell, Raymond Dawkins and Louise Mitchell.

Ben was conceived during Phil and Kathy’s marriage.

Louise is the daughter of Phil and Lisa Fowler – Lisa famously shot Phil and left him for dead.

phil with son ben
Phil Mitchell with son Ben (Credit: BBC)

Whereas Raymond is the product of Phil’s one night stand with Denise Fox.

After giving birth to him in 2017, Denise put him up for adoption.

But after his adoptive parents died – he is now back in Denise’s care. Phil is also determined to form a relationship with his young son.

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