James Moore confirms he will be staying in Emmerdale through 2020

James joined Emmerdale in 2018

Emmerdale actor James Moore has confirmed he will be sticking around in the Dales.

James, who plays Ryan Stocks, retweeted a post from the Yorkshire Academy of Film and Television Acting (YAFTA).

The tweet read: “Delighted to receive the news that James Moore will continue to grace out screens as Emmerdale’s Ryan Stocks through into 2020!

“Here are some fab moments from his #Emmerdale career so far! #talent #onourbooks #tv #actor #ntawinner #representation #diversity #disabilityonscreen.”

James shared the post writing: “I’m sticking around in the Dales.”

James’s character Ryan joined Emmerdale last year as Charity Dingle’s long-lost son, who she presumed had died at birth.

A 14-year-old Charity Dingle found out she was pregnant for the second time after being held captive and raped by DI Mark Bails and his friends.

14-year-old Charity was held captive by DI Mark Bails after her dad threw her out (Credit: ITV)

Charity had been thrown out of her home by her father Obadiah after she fell pregnant the first time and gave birth to a daughter, Debbie, who was given to Obadiah’s friend Pat to raise.

Shortly before she had Ryan, Charity managed to escape Bails and went to stay with a friend.

She gave birth to Ryan in hospital, however she thought her son had died and she ran off, blaming herself for drinking vodka whilst pregnant in order to stop her pregnancy.

Ryan survived, though, and was adopted by the midwife, Irene Stocks, who raised him.

Charity met Ryan last year (Credit: ITV)

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Charity got into contact with a now 28-year-old Ryan and explained the full story.

Eventually DI Bails was sentenced to thirty years in prison after being found guilty of unlawfully imprisoning Charity and raping her.

After a bumpy start, Ryan began coming to the village and Charity introduced Ryan to her family.

Ryan is often in the village to see his family (Credit: ITV hub)

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Ryan has had a rocky relationship with Dawn and struggled to forgive her after he found out she had been helping her dad, Will, terrorise his ex-wife, vicar Harriet.

Earlier this year, James won the National Television Award for Best Newcomer.

Emmerdale is on Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursday on ITV.

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