Is Tina in EastEnders really dead? What has Gray done with the body?

Gray killed his wife Chantelle earlier this year!

In EastEnders, Gray Atkins seemingly killed Tina Carter. But is she really dead?

A couple of weeks ago Tina moved in with Gray, having no where else to live. However he has also been representing her as she became the main suspect in Ian Beale’s attack.

As Tina started to spend more time around Gray, she noticed his strange behaviour and even discussed her concerns with Kheerat Panesar.

Gray kills Chantelle EastEnders
Gray killed his wife Chantelle (Credit: BBC)

Kheerat told Tina how he suspected that Gray killed his wife Chantelle.

In last night’s episode (Monday, December 28) Tina accused Gray of abusing Chantelle and confronted the solicitor about her sudden death.

But Gray became infuriated when Tina said she was going to make sure everyone knew what he did. He tried to stop her from leaving the house.

Is Tina dead? (Credit: BBC)

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Soon it looked like Gray managed to get to Tina, and later, she was seen unconscious on his sofa with a big bruise across her neck.

Gray began to cover up her body in a blanket and later could be seen putting her body in his car boot.

But has Gray killed Tina? Is she really dead?

Has Gray killed Tina in EastEnders?

It does seem as if Gray has killed Tina. After driving off with her body, he told Tina’s sister Shirley and nephew Mick that Tina was safe and wouldn’t be found.

However, some fans think that Tina isn’t dead.

Back in October, actress Luisa Bradshaw-White announced that she would be leaving the BBC soap. But she remained tight-lipped on her exit storyline.

Could Tina still be alive?

Will Gray get caught?

It has not yet been revealed whether Gray will be caught out for his crimes.

Kheerat is suspicious about Gray’s involvement in Chantelle’s death (Credit: BBC)

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I’ve got a feeling Tina is still alive.

However fans know that Kheerat is suspicious about Gray’s involvement in Chantelle’s death.

Will he be the one to expose Gray? Or will he get away with murder?

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