Is Jimmy leaving Emmerdale? He decides to plead guilty to death by dangerous driving

Jimmy is being charged with death by dangerous driving

Jimmy in Emmerdale is being charged with death by dangerous driving, but is Jimmy leaving Emmerdale?

Earlier this year, Jimmy was in a panic thinking his wife Nicola was in a dangerous situation. At the same time, he needed to go get his kids from The Hop, fearing Juliette was trying to take them.

As he was driving his truck, he ended up not being able to see when the glare from the sun got in his eyes.

He drove his truck off the road and crashed into Mandy and Paul’s wedding barn. However Liv and Paul were inside the barn arguing.

Jimmy crashed his truck into the wedding barn (Credit: ITV)

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Paul became trapped and as Liv was unable to free him, she fled upon realising the building was going to explode.

Paul was later taken to hospital, but he died from his injuries.

As the truth about Paul abusing Vinny came out, the Dingle family turned their back on him, including his fiancé Mandy.

Recently Jimmy was told he’s being charged with death by dangerous driving. But is Jimmy leaving?

Is Jimmy leaving Emmerdale?

It hasn’t been revealed whether Jimmy will go to prison or not. But this week he makes a big decision.

This week Nicola is shocked when Jimmy invites Juliette over for a discussion.

Jimmy is being charged with death by dangerous driving (Credit: ITV)

She can’t believe it when he opens up to her about Carl’s silence and suggests she takes him out to see if she can get him to open up.

Later, Jimmy meets with his solicitor Ethan. Ethan tells him that the meteoritical report from the day of the crash could be vital in proving Jimmy’s innocence.

But Jimmy thinks they need to start looking at different angles on the case.

Jimmy makes the decision to plead guilty (Credit: ITV)

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Back at home, Jimmy tells Nicola he’s going to plead guilty to his charge and makes it clear he’s made his mind up.

The next day, Nicola despairs over the prospect of Jimmy pleading guilty, but he avoids talking about it.

Is Jimmy facing prison?

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