Is Harriet leaving Emmerdale? Will she lose her job at the church?

Harriet has been struggling since moving Malone's body

Harriet has been in Emmerdale since 2013. But is she leaving the village for good?

In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap Tuesday, January 26), the vicar told her colleague Charles that she believed the Bishop would fire her.

Harriet thinks she’s going to lose her job (Credit: ITV)

But what does this mean for Harriet? Could she be leaving the village for good?

Emmerdale: Is Harriet leaving the church?

Later, Harriet tells Charles she’s quitting the church convinced it’s best for everyone.

Charles tries to talk her out of resigning but she’s adamant it’s the right decision. She is tearful as she asks him to tell the Bishop that she has tried her best, but she’s finished with the church for good.

Will Charles convince Harriet to not quit (Credit: ITV)

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But later, Moira notices Harriet isn’t herself. She tells Charles that Harriet isn’t in a state to be making big decisions and he shouldn’t let her walk away without a fight.

Will Charles be able to convince Harriet to continue her job?

Is Harriet leaving Emmerdale?

Actress Katherine Dow Bylton, who plays Harriet, has recently explained she fears her character could be axed over Malone’s murder.

Dawn killed dodgy Detective Inspector Malone last year in self defence. Harriet buried his body in the local graveyard, on top of another man’s grave.

Harriet was there when Malone was killed (Credit: ITV)

However when the true occupant’s daughter wanted her father’s body exhumed, Harriet and Dawn’s father Will moved Malone’s body to the grounds of Home Farm.

However the actress is worried her days are “numbered.”

Speaking to The Sun earlier this month she said: “You always worry that your days might be numbered.

“There have got to be consequences, whether that happens a year down the line or two years down the line, you can’t get away with murder.”

Katherine says she will stay in the soap for as long as they want her (Credit: ITV)

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However Katherine added that she would stay for as long as the soap wants her.

She continued: “But I’ll stay for as long as they want me to stay. I love the show and the role; thank heavens for it.”

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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