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Is Abi leaving Coronation Street for good as she tells Kevin her plan?

Will Abi really go?

Coronation Street character Abi has been planning to flee Weatherfield with her son Alfie, but is she really leaving?

Abi and Kevin broke up when he found out she cheated on him.

She soon gave birth to Imran’s son, who she named Alfie.

Now Imran and Toyah have custody of her baby, will she really flee?

Imran and Toyah discuss Alfie in the neo natal unit in Coronation Street
Imran and Toyah have custody of Alfie (Credit: ITV)

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Coronation Street: Abi, Imran and Toyah’s custody battle

A few weeks after Abi gave birth to baby Alfie, Toyah found out her fiancé Imran was the father.

Although she was furious at first, she eventually forgave Imran and they got married.

The couple also began fighting for custody of Alfie.

Imran was convinced Abi is back on drugs and had her followed by a man named Ben to get evidence.

However he wasn’t able to find any, so Imran paid Ben to lie in court that he saw Abi buying drugs.

Imran and Toyah were given custody of Alfie, but Abi is allowed visits.

Over the last couple of weeks Abi has been preparing to flee Weatherfield with her son by buying fake passports.

Meanwhile she’s been pretending to Imran and Toyah that she’s happy with their arrangement.

In tonight’s episode (Friday, May 27) Abi was still upset about Imran and Toyah adopting Elsie and getting to be a happy family with her son.

Meanwhile Kevin realised that he still loved Abi and wanted to be with her.

Coronation Street Abi reveals to horrified Kevin she's talking Alfie and going to Costa Rica
Kevin found out about Abi’s plan (Credit: ITV)

Is Abi leaving Coronation Street

He went to see her and confessed how he was feeling and that his son Jack was also missing her.

They shared a kiss but Abi soon admitted to Kevin that she was leaving the street with Alfie.

She told him she feared Alfie was bonding more with Toyah and seeing her as his mother.

Later Kevin told his sister Debbie about Abi’s plan.

In the street, Kevin confronted Imran about how he was treating and Abi admitted that Abi was struggling after the news Imran and Toyah are also adopting Elsie.

Kevin told the solicitor he needs to come clean about lying in court about Abi taking drugs.

Later Kevin paid Abi another visit. She told him she wasn’t changing her mind.

However the mechanic knew she wouldn’t and handed her her wages and a bonus to help with her plan.

Kevin said he didn’t tell Imran about her leaving and just asked she keep him out of it if she gets caught.

Before Kevin left, Abi told him she loves him. But is Abi really leaving?

Imran Habeeb tries to get injured Toyah out of the car wreckage
There’s a car crash next week (Credit: ITV)

SPOILERS: What’s next for Abi?

Kevin has already confessed he still loves Abi, but as she’s desperately trying to keep her son, he helps her with her plans to flee.

Meanwhile Imran is left feeling guilty when Kelly accuses him of bribing Ben to lie in court.

Imran eventually makes the decision to come clean to both the court and Toyah.

But soon a devastating crash ensues and Imran and Toyah are left unconscious.

Imran pulls Toyah from the wreckage begging her not to die as the ambulance arrives.

Will Toyah be okay?

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