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How old is Emmerdale teen Samson Dingle now? All you need to know about him!

He's getting a big storyline this year!

Samson Dingle is part of the tight knit Dingle clan that tend to dominate the storylines on ITV soap Emmerdale but how old is he?

But how long has he been on the soap? And how exactly is he a Dingle?

Read on to find out more about this Emmerdale character…

How old is Samson Dingle now?

Samson Dingle was born on 12 January 2006.

As of February 2021, he is 15.

samson dingle with sam dingle
Samson with his old man Sam (Credit: ITV)

Who are his parents?

Samson is the only child of Sam Dingle and Alice Dingle.

What happened to Alice Dingle?

Sadly, Samson lost his mum Alice when he was just eight months old.

Alice was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant but refused to terminate her pregnancy in order to begin chemotherapy.

sam dingle alice dingle
Sam and Alice Dingle (Credit: ITV)

Instead she began treatment after Samson was born prematurely.

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Tragically, the treatment was unsuccessful. With a terminal diagnosis, Sam helped Alice end her life in a controversial euthanasia storyline.

What is wrong with Sam Dingle?

Sam appears to have learning difficulties but it is never formally diagnosed nor explained on the soap opera.

Sam Dingle is played by James Hooton, who often surprises viewers with his well-spoken accent in real life.

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A few years back James explained his character Sam to LeftLion: “He has always had this strong moral compass, even though he’s a simple character; and that’s what I like about him.

sam dingle samson
Sam’s always been protective of his son (Credit: ITV)

“Within the Dingle family there’s this code of honour and they all look after each other.

“When I first came into the show it was for eight episodes and I was involved in a story where a child went missing and Sam pretended he’d kidnapped them to get some ransom money, so he could take his family on holiday.

“He’s done some wrong things, but usually for the right reasons.”

Who plays Samson Dingle?

Samson Dingle is played by Sam Hall, who at 17, is two years older than the character he plays.

He is the second actor to play Samson, taking over from Charlie Pell in 2009.

Sam also appeared in the spin-off Emmerdale: The Dingles – For Richer for Poorer.

samson dingle
Samson is set to play a bigger role on Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

What’s next for Samson Dingle?

Samson is set to be part of a major new storyline on Emmerdale.

His good pal and cousin Noah asks to use his urine sample in order to be accepted into the military.

Sam reluctantly does so, only for Noah’s mum Charity to find out and report the situation to the assessment centre.

This could ultimately land both Noah and Sam in hot water.

Speaking to Metro, Sam says he is thrilled to be involved in the new storyline.

The teen actor said: “I think it’s great to give the teenagers these storyline as it gives us a chance to film something different and show the younger people in the village.”

Before further explaining: “Samson is fairly wary, because he doesn’t want to do the wrong thing. I wouldn’t say it’s about impressing him [Noah], they are cousins so he just wants to help his cousin get into the army.

“However, Samson is very worried when he realises Charity is onto them because he never thought she would find out and he’s worried about what she might do.”

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