How many times has Charity been married in Emmerdale?

Charity has been married quite a few times

Charity Dingle has been in Emmerdale since March 2000. But how many times has she been married?

In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap (Thursday, February 11) Charity’s family were furious with her after her argument with her son Noah.

She ended up speaking to Al Chapman about her past and how she previously had two men on the go.

How many times has Charity been married? (Credit: ITV)

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But who has Charity had relationships with and how many times has she been married?

How many times has Charity been married in Emmerdale?

Charity has been married three times.

In 2001, she married Chris Tate. Chris killed himself in 2003 after he discovered Charity had been having an affair with her second cousin Cain Dingle.

Chris is Charity’s first husband (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Charity and Cain had a relationship as teenagers and he fathered her oldest child Debbie.

Chris toasted to the ‘death of their marriage’ only to then die of his poisoned drink.

It had been an attempt to frame Charity for his ‘murder’. However his plan ultimately failed.

In 2012 she married Jai Sharma. However he ended up getting Rachel Breckle pregnant after they spent the night together.

Charity and Jai’s marriage didn’t last long (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

When Jai’s son Archie was born, it wasn’t long before Charity learnt Jai had cheated on her and filed for a divorce.

In 2014, Charity married Declan Macey, however their marriage was very rocky and he left the village the same year.

Charity’s third husband is Declan Macey (Credit: ITV)

Charity’s other relationships

Charity has also nearly got married a handful of times.

She had an on and off relationship with Cain for years. In 2010 the two were going to get married but Charity was unable to go through with the ceremony.

She was going to marry Tom King in 2005. However Sadie and Cain set Charity up.

Charity and Cain have been on and off for years (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

As Charity and Cain kissed, a photographer took a picture. Sadie then showed Tom the pictures on his and Charity’s wedding day and he jilted her at the altar.

Most recently she was engaged to Vanessa Woodfield. However she cheated on Vanessa with Moira’s brother Mackenzie.

When Vanessa found out, she ended her relationship with Charity.

Who are the father’s of Charity’s children?

Charity has four children and one adopted child.

Her oldest Debbie is her and Cain’s daughter. Charity has a son named Ryan, who was adopted by Irene Stocks when he was a baby.

Debbie is Charity and Cain’s daughter (Credit: ITV)

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When Charity was 14 she was raped by DI Bails, who is the biological father of Ryan.

Charity’s second son Noah is the son of Chris Tate and Charity’s youngest son Moses is also the son of Ross Barton.

Charity’s adopted son Johnny Woodfield is the biological son of Vanessa and Kirin Kotecha.

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