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Wednesday 29th January 2020

Home and Away SPOILER: Alf Stewart to reveal 30-year secret that will rock Summer Bay

What has he been hiding all this time?

Home and Away bosses have promised the most dramatic week ever in Summer Bay to mark the show's 30th anniversary - and Alf's brush with death is just the start of it...

Entertainment Daily! has already reported a huge disaster is set to rock Summer Bay in March - leaving Alf's life hanging in the balance when he falls down a sinkhole.

Alf is left for dead in the dramatic anniversary special (Credit: Channel 5)

But show bosses have revealed that one other series regular will also be caught up in the tragedy with Alf - but are remaining frustratingly tight-lipped about who it might be.

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The big scenes all filmed for the show's 30th birthday see a high drama car chase involving several key characters ending in a dramatic car crash.

But unfortunately for Summer Bay residents, this crash then leads to an unimaginable chain of events - resulting in numerous people fighting for their lives.

Alf thinks his days are numbered when he's left for dead down the sinkhole - leading him to make a shocking confession... something that he has managed to keep hidden for three decades.

An explosion triggers a tragic series of events in Summer Bay (Credit: Channel 5)

But what is this secret that's so big, Home and Away writers are promising it will change the town forever?

Home and Away Series Producer, Lucy Addario has promised an action-packed anniversary week: "Viweres will be on the edge of their seats. Each night the story will take dramatic twists and turns but at the heart it is a story centred around our beloved hero, Alf. 

Is this really the end for Alf? (Credit: Channel 5)

"Fearing these could be his last moments alive he shares a secret that he has kept for over 30 year years; a secret that will rock the foundations of the Bay.”

Ray Meagher, who plays legendary Alf Stewart has admitted things don't look good for his alter ego: "I’ve had a phenomenal 30 years in the Bay playing Alf Stewart and I’d certainly like it to continue.

Come on, someone save him! (Credit: Channel 5)

"But with Alf at the bottom of a sinkhole, with a lump of concrete across his chest and no visible help in sight, I’m not too hopeful!”

So has the blast killed Alf? And more importantly - what exactly has he been hiding all this time?

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Watch the biggest ever week in Home and Away on Channel 5 - starting Monday 26th March.