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Thursday 20th February 2020

Hollyoaks viewers heartbroken for Sienna after twins twist

She planned on running away with the toddlers

Fans of Hollyoaks have been left heartbroken for Sienna Blake after she was tricked into believing the twins she tried to kidnap weren't hers.

Viewers know that Sienna recently spotted her twins Sophie and Sebastian, who were kidnapped by their father Warren Fox, at the hotel where Maxine was due to get married.

Despite the police checking out the children's passports and confirming they weren't her twins, Sienna plotted to get her babies back, refusing to believe they weren't hers.

Sienna was sure the twins were hers (Credit: YouTube/Hollyoaks)

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Sienna got close to the twins au pair, Nina, and tried to get as much information about the children as possible.

She quickly began plotting and realised she would need to take the twins and flee the country at Maxine and Damon's wedding.

My heart is literally breaking for Sienna, all she wants to do is be a mother.

In Monday night's episode (July 29 2019) Sienna tied up Nina and took the twins but Maxine saw Sienna putting on the wig and tried to stop her, exposing her own secret - that she's not actually dying - in the process.

Maxine caught Sienna putting on a wig (Credit: YouTube/Hollyoaks)

In last night episode (July 30 2019) Maxine agreed to let Sienna go in order to keep her secret (she doesn't have a tumour on her spine and has Munchhausen syndrome).

As Sienna tried to leave, her sister Liberty admitted to Brody that Sienna was going to flee with the twins.

They untied the au pair and got to the car before Sienna drove off.

Nina told Sienna to look at photos on her phone and it showed pictures of the twins and their 'dad' who definitely wasn't Warren.

Nina tricked Sienna into thinking the twins weren't hers (Credit: YouTube/Hollyoaks)

As Sienna gave up, the au pair decided not to call the police and drove off and a distraught Sienna attended Maxine's wedding.

But of course, there was a twist.

Later Nina was seen on a roadside meeting up with Warren and it was revealed the man in the photos was Nina's brother.

Warren angrily told Nina he was taking the twins back to Spain and was finding a new nanny.

When Nina defended herself Warren told her: "Oh she's good, I'll give her that! A real mother's instinct, looking into their eyes, knowing they're hers.

The twins are Sophie and Sebastian (Credit: YouTube/Hollyoaks)

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"I mean the lengths she went to for one tiny, little reunion. It must have killed her to let them go.

"And she will never get that chance again! Sienna will never get the better of me!"

Warren soon sped off with the twins and viewers were left heartbroken for Sienna when they realised she had lost her babies again.

Hollyoaks is on Monday to Friday at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with an first look episode on E4 at 7pm.

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