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Tuesday 28th January 2020

Hollyoaks SPOILER: Mercedes McQueen to "get her comeuppance" this year

The bad girl trying to be good isn't doing a great job

Mercedes McQueen will "get her comeuppance" on Hollyoaks this year in "one of the biggest chapters in her life".

The Channel 4 soap's boss Bryan Kirkwood has promised huge developments for Jennifer Metcalfe's alter ego, who is cheating on loyal husband Sylver (David Tag) with villain Liam Donovan (Jude Monk McGowan).

She has also been taking drugs and neglecting her parental responsibilities to young son Bobby Costello (Jayden Fox).

Things will get messy between Liam and Mercedes (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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Bryan told Digital Spy: "Mercedes' affair with Liam is going to get really messy.

"Our characters on Hollyoaks fit into really clear archetypes – if they're successful, that is – and we see Mercedes as a bad girl who wants to be good.

"That's her role in the show. But Mercedes is going to get her comeuppance later in the year, in ways that I can't go into right now.

Mercedes' affair with Liam is going to get really messy.

"The decisions that Mercedes has made over the past few months – the good ones and the terrible ones – are all building to one of the biggest chapters in her life.

"That includes the love triangle with Liam and Sylver, the lies about Grace's hit and run, and the drug-taking."

It won't end well for her (Credit: Lime Pictures)

While the executive producer promised some "sexy fun" over the summer, he admitted things will "turn toxic" for Mercedes which sets up a very dramatic autumn.

He explained: "We are going to see Mercedes have sexy fun over the start of summer. But by the end of the summer, her affair with Liam will turn toxic and that leads us into an exciting autumn."

Bryan has also revealed it'll be a killer summer elsewhere in the village as serial killer Breda McQueen is going to murder two village favourites this summer.

The grandmother has already murdered at least seven men during her time on the earth and she's going to kill twice in the next six weeks.

Killer Breda has no mercy (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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Bryan told the Daily Star: "It's safe to say no-one will be safe. Breda's next victim will shock the audience to its core. There will be gasps."

And it has been confirmed that Breda's penchant for only killing bad dads has been thrown out of the window and now no-one is safe.

Bryan added: "So far she's disposed of bad men for the right reasons but over the summer she starts to make some pretty horrific choices that will change Hollyoaks forever."

Breda's previous victims include Wes, Sylver's abusive dad, Vinnie, Sylver's abusive stepdad, Carl Costello, Glenn Donovan, Russ Owen, Louis Loveday and Mac Nightingale.

Breda's a killer on the hunt (Credit: Lime Pictures)

And in a chat with Channel 4, actress Moya Brady who plays Breda admitted her alter ego is unravelling but also becoming stronger as a killer.

She said: "I think that's pretty common with insane killers. She thinks she's all powerful, and she believes in her mission.

"She keeps getting away with it, so I think she believes that she's getting stronger, but at the same time it's getting more and more complicated.

"There's more and more clues and trails around her and bodies turning up. It's a mixture of unravelling and getting stronger which is a pretty potent cocktail!"

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