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Monday 9th December 2019

Hollyoaks SPOILER: Kieron Richardson reveals romance for Ste

But is it with Harry?

Harry Thompson may be in a committed relationship with James Nightingale in Hollyoaks, but that doesn't stop Ste Hay having feelings for Harry all over again.

But will Harry reciprocate when the boys find themselves thrown back into each other's orbit?

Harry's dad, Tony Hutchinson, asks Harry to have a chat with Ste to try and lure him away from the far-right extremist group he's got entangled with.

Harry and Ste broke up last year, but are the feelings still there? (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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Although reluctant, Harry agrees, and goes without telling his other half James.

James is already struggling to trust Harry, who is up on hit and run charges that lawyer James is trying to get him off.

Viewers know Liam Donovan and Mercedes McQueen actually ran Grace Black down and left her for dead, but they were in Harry's car at the time.

[Ste] starts missing the lust between them.

Harry's alibi, his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sadie, has been paid off by Liam to disappear, so James is finding it hard to gather a strong defence.

James discovers Harry has gone to visit Ste when he overhears the two talking in Ste's backgarden.

James isn't happy to overhear Ste and Harry (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Does James have anything to worry about? It seems he might do...

Kieron Richardson, who plays Ste, says: "Once Harry and Ste start talking, Ste's stomach starts to do summersaults a little bit, as he starts to remember the good times.

"He starts missing the fact that he had a boyfriend, and he starts missing the lust between them."

"Ste hasn't really been concentrating on his love life. Seeing Harry kind of sparks off that side of his personality again and he starts yearning to get a boyfriend again."

Ste misses Harry (Credit: Lime Pictures)

And it's fair to say James doesn't react well.

Kieron continues: "Ste realises that Harry's lied to James and he sticks the knife in a little bit to cause a bit of controversy in their loved up relationship.

"Ste definitely feels smug, any opportunity he gets to wind James up he relishes in it."

But sadly for Ste, it doesn't look like there's a future for Ste and Harry after all.

Ste's gutted when Harry says they can't see each other (Credit: Lime Pictures)

"I think as the week goes on it will be clear that Harry has definitely moved on from Ste… or so he thinks at this point," reveals Kieron.

"I think that's quite gutting for Ste."

And someone else who doesn't want Ste and Harry back together is Ste's new friend, Jonny, who is determined to keep Ste exactly where he wants him.

"From Jonny and Stuart's side of this, Harry is a little cockroach that needs to be stamped on because he is getting in the way of their bigger plan," Kieron explains.

Stuart and Jonny don't want Ste near Harry (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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"In previous interviews I've been planting a little seed that I was starting to film with a new boy, his entrance will be in the coming weeks.

"He is a character called Jed, and he may or may not be significant in Ste's life..."

So it looks like romance could be on the cards for Ste, but if Jonny's involved in setting him up with someone it doesn't sound like it'll be the healthy relationship Ste needs...

Hollyoaks is on Monday to Friday at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with a first look episode every night at 7pm on E4.

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