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Tuesday 28th January 2020

Hollyoaks SPOILER: Devastation for Maxine at her living funeral

It will end in tears

Maxine is set to get more tangled in her web of lies on next week's Hollyoaks when she tells new husband Damon her tumour has grown.

As he decides to throw her a living funeral to make her 'last days' special, Sienna is furious.

Sienna knows the truth that Max isn't really dying and actually has psychological condition Munchausen's syndrome.

Maxine's thrilled, Sienna's fuming (Credit: Lime Pictures/Channel 4)

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But the living funeral is set to end in tears... Will Maxine be exposed?

"The living funeral is just another excuse to get dressed up and feel like a million dollars, even though she's supposed to be dying," reveals Nikki Sanderson, who plays Maxine.

"It takes place in the folly and it has been decorated beautifully.

She knows that what she's doing is wrong.

"There are lots of flowers everywhere and the chairs are beautifully decorated.

The folly's been decked out for the do (Credit: Lime Pictures/Channel 4)

"It kind of looks more like a little wedding. There's a throne which Maxine absolutely adores and loves the fact that she's being the queen of the day.

"Maxine is wearing a ball gown, why wouldn't she wear a ball gown for her own funeral… I think the word for it is very extravagant."

But with Sienna absolutely fuming at the extravagance, she demands Max confess everything.

She agrees to let her friend have one last day, but that Maxine must tell everyone at the living funeral the truth. She even gives her 'prompt' cards to help her explain.

After speeches from Nancy and Darren, and a song from Liberty, Maxine sits on her throne, mustering up the courage to come clean. Will she find the words to confess?

The congregation await, but will she tell all? (Credit: Lime Pictures/Channel 4)

"It's definitely hard for Maxine to tell the truth because she does feel guilty about it," Nikki explains.

"She knows that what she's doing is wrong and she knows that what she's doing is causing a lot of pain and hurt for people around her.

"It's this compulsive thing within her and within her mind that's forcing her and manipulating her to do so.

"Admitting to the truth mean admitting to the fact that she's got a problem and she just can't get out of it. She can't stop doing what she's doing."

Anna Passey, who plays Sienna, admits Sienna thinks the whole thing is "ridiculous".

"She's given Maxine so many opportunities to come clean and tell everybody that she's been lying and she doesn't.

"When Sienna hears that there is this living funeral, she thinks that it's absolutely crazy that she wants to have even more attention on her even though she's lying."

A fuming Sienna is expecting a confession (Credit: Lime Pictures/Channel 4)

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But going on to explain why Sienna has let it get this far, Anna revealed: "I think she has some form of understanding for what Maxine is doing because quite frankly Sienna's been there hasn't she?

"She wants to let her do the right thing herself and come clean to Damon. She doesn't want to barge in and wreck everything for her. She knows that it will be better coming from her.

"She tries to be a friend and let her come clean herself, but Maxine doesn't listen."

Anna also revealed the lies she's telling Brody about it are "weighing on her very heavily".

Jacob Roberts, who plays Damon, has previously revealed the living funeral will end in tears...

"Well as the audience know, the funeral will end in tears, not because of anyone dying," says Nikki. "It ends in tears because something is revealed..."

"It all goes disastrously wrong," adds Anna. "But not in the way that the viewers are going to think."

Is Maxine's big lie set to be exposed?

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