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Can Anita help Cleo?

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Liberty backs out of the surrogacy, Cleo struggles to adjust to student life and Luke returns to cause trouble in next week’s Hollyoaks.

Liberty backs out of the surrogacy

Sienna is excited as the day of Liberty’s insemination arrives. However, Liberty is feeling the pressure and backs out of being their surrogate.

Liberty tells Cindy that she’s not brave enough to be a surrogate. Can Cindy change her mind?

Anita steps in to help Cleo

Mitchell helps Cleo to swat up ahead of starting university. She snaps at him when she can’t answer some of his questions.

Goldie calls for help in the form of Anita Tinkle.

Anita turns up at the McQueens’. Anita is dressed as a nurse to help with Cleo’s confidence.

Seeing Anita leaves Mitchell feeling flustered.

Peri and Cleo bond

Peri and Cleo bond on their first day of university.

Cleo is forced to let Goldie tag along when she wants to be in on the Freshers action.

Student life gets too much for Cleo

Peri encourages Cleo to embrace student life.

But it all gets too much for her at The Hutch’s food forfeit quiz.

Cleo’s told to pour baked beans over her head. She struggles to get involved and Peri does it instead.

As Peri pours the beans over her head, Cleo runs out.

Meanwhile Mitchell and Scott spend time together. Mitchell finds out more about Cleo’s past.

Lisa returns and feels like everyone has forgotten about her dad.

She rebels against the family meal by throwing a party. Martine encourages Scott to dress up as Anita, but Walter shows his disapproval.

Walter sees Scott and Mitchell talking and throws Scott out when he touches Mitchell’s arm. Martine and Cleo are disgusted by Walter and Mitchell’s behaviour.

Luke sets his sights on Mandy

Luke tells Ollie that he has big plans now he’s back in the village.

Darren questions how long he’s staying but Mandy invites Luke to stay as long as he wants.

Luke prepares a candlelit mean for Mandy. Meanwhile, Cindy urges Ollie to tell the truth about Luke being DJ’s father.

Cindy lets slip to Darren that Luke made a pass at Mandy. She later turns up at Mandy’s flat and finds Luke alone and heartbroken.

Ollie decides the Osbornes and Morgans should have a family meal. He is disappointed when Brooke doesn’t show.

Brooke is feeling sick and almost confides in Sally about being pregnant but they’re interrupted by Nancy.

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