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Friday 6th December 2019

FIRST LOOK: Next week's Hollyoaks in 10 pictures

Can Finn help Diane?

Diane visits Finn, Hollyoaks High prom kicks off, and Liberty sees the chemistry between Sami and Sinead in next week's Hollyoaks.

Diane visits Finn

Diane visits her son Finn O'Connor in prison. She hopes to get inside the mind of a rapist after what her daughter, and Finn's sister, Sinead has been through.

Later, Diane crashes the Hollyoaks High prom. She confronts Laurie in front of all the students.

The teens attend prom

It's the day of the Gatsby themed prom at Hollyoaks High.

Marnie surprises Juliet with a beautiful new dress.

Ollie, Imran and Juliet are planning on cheering up Brooke after the smoke caused her to have a sensory overload.

The kids set up a makeshift prom at The Hutch.

Juliet is upset to see Ollie and Brooke loved up. She leaves crying.

Levi isn't impressed with Scott's drag act

Mitchell and Cleo invite Levi to The Dog. Scott is performing his drag act that night and they want to see him, thinking it'll be a fun evening.

But as Cleo gets involved and enjoys herself, Levi is offended.

He thinks they only invited him because he is gay. Scott tries to get Levi involved.

Levi isn't impressed and leaves.

Is Scott's luck in love about to change?

The next day Levi asks Scott out.

It's clear he doesn't recognise Scott as the drag queen from the night before. Scott is still angry with his behaviour.

Will Scott give Levi a chance?

Liberty pours her heart into song

Sami and Liberty prepare to perform at the prom, until Sami gets a text from Brody who is worried Sinead and Sienna are plotting to do something stupid.

Liberty tells Sally she believes her fiancé is in love with Sinead, and Sally has an idea that could help Sinead...

Liberty asks Scott if she could perform during his show and asks Sami to meet for a surprise, but when she's about to perform, Sami still isn't there.

She sings a love song for Sami, meanwhile Sami is with Sinead.

Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 at 6:30pm Monday-Friday.

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