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Sunday 16th February 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week's Hollyoaks in 10 pictures

Ollie struggles as Luke returns

Brooke finds herself left holding the baby, Luke returns, and Mercedes is faced with a huge dilemma in next week's Hollyoaks...

Ollie bonds with DJ

Darren and Mandy want Ollie to bond with DJ.

They make up an emergency and get Ollie to look after DJ for the day.

Will Brooke confess?

Brooke and Ollie have a date planned and she's intending to tell him about her pregnancy.

Things don't go to plan though...

Ollie turns up with DJ, leaving Brooke stunned.

Will she tell him the truth now?

Brooke's left holding the baby

Ollie has to get DJ's blanket, which he forgot, so he leaves Brooke with the baby.

A terrified Brooke doesn't know how to cope.

Will she decide she's not ready to have a baby of her own?

Ollie struggles with his secret

Darren and Mandy are thrilled when Ollie wants to spend more time with DJ.

But Ollie is finding it hard to keep up the lie that Darren is the real dad not Luke.

Cindy sees Ollie upset in the village.

She talks to him, but will he tell her what's really bothering him?

Luke returns

Just as Ollie is trying to keep everything together, his dad returns.

Everyone is surprised to see Luke arrive at The Hutch with flowers.

Can Ollie keep quiet now Luke is home?

Bobby confronts Mercedes

After Mercedes overheard Bobby's fears she'll leave him again, she spends some time with her son.

But Merecedes is left stunned when Bobby calls her a traitor and tells her he doesn't like her.

Horrified Mercedes tries to talk to him.

Later, Nana tells her she must do what's best for Bobby, not what's best for herself. What will she decide?

Will Mercedes leave?

Mercedes is shocked when Liam presents her with tickets to Marrakesh, leaving today.

As she is about to tell Sylver the truth, she accidentally tells Grace her affair with Liam is ongoing.

Will Mercedes leave?

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