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Monday 9th December 2019

Hollyoaks star Alex Fletcher teases huge stunt this summer - but will anyone die?

Lauries reign of terror might not be over yet

It's been a dramatic week on Hollyoaks with evil teacher Laurie Shelby finally being arrested for his crimes against women.

But actress Alex Fletcher, who plays Diane Hutchinson, has revealed things might not be as cut and dry as they seem - and there's a big, big summer coming up...

Laurie has been terrorising the women of Hollyoaks for months.

Laurie is a nasty piece of work (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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He sexually harrassed Sienna Blake, but managed to charm the school board to drop the investigation, and as Sienna had no concrete evidence other than her word, he was reinstated.

He's been gaslighting his wife, Sinead Shelby, ever since they married, but his awful behaviour most recently culminated in him raping her twice.

The second time, she spoke up and went to the police, but because she lied about the date the rape happened, Laurie walked free and Sinead found herself arrested for wasting police time and assualt after she attacked her husband.

There's a massive twist, which I don't think anybody will see coming.

Finn gave Diane advice on how to catch Laurie (Credit: Lime Pictures)

With Sinead, Sienna, and their families desperate to make Laurie pay, Sinead's mum, Diane, went to visit her rapist son, Finn, in prison, to try to get inside Laurie's head.

Deciding the only way to take Laurie's power away was to make him feel small, Diane went to the school and insulted Laurie, calling him pathetic.

Laurie intended to rape Diane (Credit: Lime Pictures)

But Laurie wasn't letting her get away with speaking to him like that and chased a terrified Di through the corridors attempting to rape her too.

Sinead and Sienna arrived and Sinead saved her mum when she pushed Laurie off the school balcony.

Sinead pushed him to protect her mum (Credit: Lime Pictures)

The whole thing was caught on CCTV and Laurie found himself under arrest for attempted rape.

But will that be the last we see of him?

Alex told "We've got a crazy summer coming up.

"It's going to be really heightened and we have a massive surprise, possibly another stunt – there are people in danger but there's a massive twist, which I don't think anybody will see coming."

Laurie's gone to prison (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Laurie's locked up for now, but could he escape and cause hell?

Sinead is also facing prison, as she pleaded guilty to the charges in court in order to get a lighter sentence.

And after his reappearance this week, it's not the last we've seen of rapist Finn either.

Is Sinead going back to prison? (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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"Diane, as a mum, is a lioness, she will do anything for her kids," added Alex.

"However, Diane will be put in a really comprising position very soon, where she's got to make choices."

Sounds like summer's only just getting started over in Hollyoaks...

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