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Tuesday 25th February 2020

5 new Hollyoaks SPOILERS as Breda's next victim is 'revealed to be Joel Dexter'

He's treading on dangerous ground

As we reach the halfway point in Hollyoaks Six Weeks Of Summer, the show has released five more huge spoilers for the next three weeks.

In small snippets on their Instagram account, each of the cast involved has dropped hints as to what's to come.

Breda has a new victim in her sights, Sylver kisses someone else, Maxine has a living funeral, Ollie struggles to keep DJ's paternity a secret, and Diane invites Finn back home...

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Does Breda kill Joel?

Goldie and Joel are on thin ice (Credit: Lime Pictures/Channel 4)

In a shock twist, it seems killer Breda is set to ditch her 'bad dad' vendetta and go after someone who's not a dad at all - Joel Dexter.

Viewers already know Joel is in a secret relationship with Breda's daughter, Goldie McQueen, but only Cleo knows about the pair.

As Joel is a priest, it's very definitely forbidden, but then Goldie wouldn't be the first McQueen to defrock a priest - nor would Goldie be the first time Joel has strayed from the church.

Joel originally ditched his priesthood training when he feel for Cleo, but after her eating disorder resulted in her collapse on their wedding day with a heart attack, Cleo ended their relationship and Joel went back to the church.

This summer Breda finds out about Goldie and Joel, so will Joel be Breda's next victim?

However, before he did he kissed Goldie, and those feelings haven't really gone away.

As Breda plans her secret wedding to Jack she discovers a huge family secret - and soon finds out it's Goldie who could have been bad.

She can't believe it when she walks in on Goldie and Joel and she can't let it slide...

Rory Douglas Speed, who plays Joel, has teased he is on her hit least saying in the video: "This summer Breda finds out about Goldie and Joel, so will Joel be Breda's next victim?"

It's already been confirmed Breda will kill again - but will Joel be the unlucky one who loses his life?

Does the truth come out at Maxine's 'living funeral'?

Maxine's living funeral ends in tears (Credit: Lime Pictures/Channel 4)

With Maxine's lies getting bigger and bigger, she tells Damon her tumour has grown. He wants to do something special for his wife, so throws her a 'living funeral'.

The day is set to end in tears - but will it be Maxine's when the truth comes out that she's not really physically ill, but has mental disorder Munchausen's syndrome?

Or will they be the tears of her friends and family as they can't bear to say goodbye?

Jacob Roberts, who plays Damon revealed: "With Maxine's illness becoming 'terminal', Damon decides to throw her a living funeral where he invites all her friends and family to say a few words of appreciation.

"Maxine, she's loving this, she loves the attention and with it being such a beautiful evening it all seems to end in tears..."

Will Ollie reveal who DJ's dad really is?

Mandy thinks Darren is the dad (Credit: Lime Pictures/Channel 4)

When Darren encourages Ollie to bond with DJ, Ollie finds it harder and harder to keep the secret that Darren isn't the real dad.

Ollie's the only one who knows Luke is DJ's biological dad after opening the DNA test results and then lying to Darren and Mandy about their contents.

When Luke returns, will the secret come out?

"Ollie gets a lot closer to DJ it gets a lot harder to keep the father secret," explained Aedan Duckworth, who plays Ollie.

"Who is the father? Can he keep the secret? Who knows. Stay tuned."

Is Finn coming home?

Will Diane forgive her son? (Credit: Lime Pictures/Channel 4)

As Finn awaits his release from prison, he calls his mum, Diane, to visit him.

He reveals he's asked if he can be rehoused away from the village, but Diane is torn on whether to invite him back home or not.

Alex Fletcher, who plays Diane, said: "Coming up this summer, Diane is faced with a really, really difficult decision.

"Finn has been released from prison, so should she take him back into the family home? Or, is she going to turn her back on him?

"That will impact the whole village, especially Sinead and Tony. You'll have to wait and see."

Does Sylver cheat on Mercedes?

Sylver adores Mercedes, but Grace is in the corner wanting more (Credit: Lime Pictures/Channel 4)

On the surface, Sylver McQueen is the most devoted husband around and he puts up with A LOT from wife Mercedes.

He doesn't know she's having an affair with Liam Donovan, nor does he know she was driving the car that mowed Grace down in a hit and run and left her in a wheelchair.

Good guy Sylver is helping Grace with her rehabilitation and as he encourages her to take her first steps, she's over the moon when she manages it.

The pair celebrate and Grace KISSES Sylver. How will he react?

Will he kiss her back and cheat on his wife? Or will he remain faithful to the only woman he's ever loved?

Sylver's alter ego, David Tag, is giving nothing away... "Sylver is helping Grace out with her recovery which leads to a little kiss, so make sure you keep on watching."

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Hollyoaks airs Monday to Friday at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with a first look episode at 7pm on E4.

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