Hollyoaks viewers fed up of “boring” Maxine ‘illness’ storyline

Maxine has been faking her 'illness' for months

Hollyoaks viewers are getting fed up of the “boring” storyline surround Maxine’s ‘illness’.

Maxine Minniver has been claiming to be ill for months now, however viewers know she has a psychological disorder called Munchausen’s syndrome, where someone pretends to be unwell.

The storyline kicked off on New Year’s Eve after Maxine drank a dodgy bottle of vodka, leading to her collapsing and ending up in a critical condition at the hospital.

Later, she managed to recover and made up with Damon, who she had fallen out with at the time.

Maxine has been faking her illness for months (Credit: YouTube/Hollyoaks)

Maxine then mistakenly thought Damon wanted them to move in together when he was actually going to buy a place with Brody Hudson.

She later ended up collapsing claiming she couldn’t feel her legs.

Damon asked Grace to keep an eye on Max, thinking she could be pregnant. But she revealed she wasn’t pregnant and thought there was something seriously wrong with her.

Continuing to faint, Misbah began to think Maxine may have a brain disease. But it soon became clear that Maxine is faking her illness.

In last night’s episode Maxine, Damon, Sienna and Grace went to visit Maxine and Damon’s wedding venue after Damon believed he paid off the £7000 fee for the venue.

Maxine, Damon, Sienna and Grace went to see the wedding venue (Credit: YouTube/Hollyoaks)

When one of the staff members at the venue mentioned they had only paid the first instalment and still needed to pay another£7000 Maxine began to panic.

Sienna suggested that Grace could offer up The Loft but she joked she couldn’t give up the penthouse suite and that she was just getting used to the perks of her wheelchair and she’s been getting “the full princess treatment”.

However, Maxine’s face said it all as she looked furiously at Grace.

Maxine was not happy when she found out about the extra cost of her wedding venue (Credit: YouTube/Hollyoaks)

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She grabbed a table cloth and fell pretending to have a seizure.

Afterwards as she sat down sobbing she claimed her legs were numb and the venue staff member called her an ambulance.

Hollyoaks viewers “can’t stand” Maxine anymore and are fed up of the “boring” storyline.

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At the hospital, Maxine was overjoyed when Damon told her the venue had offered to leave off the final fee but her happiness was short lived when Damon revealed he declined it.

Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 at 6:30pm Monday-Friday.

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