Hollyoaks SPOILERS: Tony’s life on the line as Breda ‘sets him free’

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Fans of Hollyoaks watched in horror earlier last month when it appeared serial killer Breda McQueen murdered show legend Tony Hutchinson.

Fortunately, it was soon revealed he was alive and being kept captive at Breda’s pig farm.

Next week sees Breda set him free – but there’s a twist…

The murderous granny takes Tony to see Harry’s final resting place – letting him out into the daylight and giving him the chance to break free.

Tony is distraight to visit Harry's grave (Credit: Lime Pictures)
Tony is distraight to visit Harry’s grave (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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Nick Pickard, who plays Tony, reveals what it’s like for him to visit his son’s grave: “It’s horrible for him and he breaks down.”

But despite Breda letting Tony out of his pig cage, Nick says Tony’s life is still in danger: “He’s still got to be good because Breda says to him that if he makes any noise she’s taking him straight back to the pig pen and he fears for his life, so he has to play her a bit, but he’s in pieces.

“It’s his son’s final resting place – he knows he’s dead now – maybe until that point he thought there might be a little bit of hope that he’s still alive, but he’s dead and he breaks down on the ground and has a good old cry.

“He empties it all onto the graveside and then he’s praying to god and comes up with a plan so someone will hopefully find Harry…”

Tony is in bits (Credit: Lime Pictures)
Tony is in bits (Credit: Lime Pictures)

And it works because Tony soon learns Harry’s body has been found. Tony’s relieved, but knows it comes at a price…

“He thinks Breda’s going to kill him because of what he’s done to help that along,” Nick admits.

“It’s good that Harry’s been found but not for Tony because he might be off-ed by Breda, so he’s panicking.

“I think a part of him thinks his number’s up anyway and he’s not going to get out of there.”

Tony knows his number's probably up (Credit: Lime Pictures)
Tony knows his number’s probably up (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Hollyoaks has also recently announced there is set to be a one-off episode of Hollyoaks Later and it’ll see Breda’s story coming to a head. Will Tony survive until then?

Nick won’t give much away!

“The good thing about Laters is you can go a bit further with everything – you can show a bit more, you can say a bit more, everyone likes doing the swearing!

“If I’m involved I’d be really happy. I think I’ve done four or five of the Laters.

“The last one that was on was when we filmed in Morocco with Danny Dyer, James Redmond, Jeremy Edwards and also my brother came back, so if I’m in this one I’d be very happy.”

Nick was in the last Hollyoaks Later with Danny Dyer (Credit: Lime Pictures)
Nick was in the last Hollyoaks Later with Danny Dyer (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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The star also admits he was “overwhelmed” by the reaction to Tony’s apparent death.

“I was pretty overwhelmed actually, because I think there was a few hundred thousand hits on the Instagram page and five or six thousand comments and all of them were positive, so it’s quite overwhelming when you see things like that.

“It really makes you proud of the show that you’re in after this many years and I was really overwhelmed.”

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